Friday, August 17, 2012

Splash Pad

 Today I took the kids to the splash pad in Salem. We haven't ever gone before so it was new. I posted lots of pictures because they were so cute!

This one makes me laugh because these two little girls kept trying to get Ruth off her sprayer and she would lightly push them back away from her and I told her not to push again or she would sit in time out so then she would glare at them and use her body language to get them to back off her. It was pretty funny to watch.


 Ethan is at Scout Camp this week! So I took just the 4 littler kids to the beach for the day.

Lake Trip

 Last weekend we took our friend with us on a family camp out and water skiing trip. It was a lot of fun.

 She learned how to ski on the trainer.

 Jocie also learned how knee board.

 We found a really fun rope swing.

 Tubing is always lots of fun!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Thursday Theme Days... The Olympics

 We started with the bike race! It was a close one but Amelia barely beat Eden. For the "little girls"

 In the big kids race. Ethan won! Only one crash when Brooke and Janelle ran into each other. Funny thing was just before the race one of them said "my goal is to NOT crash!"

 The foot race was a pretty fun! Ian was really fast! Amelia came in a really close second!

 The big kids ran hard and Ethan won again. Brock and Janelle at least didn't crash on the run!

We also did "shop put, Discus, and balance beam. " I had also planned rings, cannon ball contests and some swimming events but after the few we did they were all ready just to swim. We had great snacks and everyone had a fun time. My battery died so this is ALL the pictures I got!