Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July

 For a few days before the 4th I had my neices and Nephew and we had lots of fun. We went to the park, jumped in the bounce house and got balloon animals.

 On the 4th we did our traditional stuff. Flag raising at the church, parade, big party in the back yard and fireworks!

 Ethan marched in the parade with some boy scouts as the color guard.

 Its so fun having family close enough now to come and join us for these fun things!!!
 It was pretty hot the girls were thrilled when they got sprayed with some water guns! As usual I forgot to take pictures during the BBQ so I don't have any of that. But it was fun lots of food, swimming, and friends and family!

 Fireworks are always a highlight! Even more fun with friends and family!

Vagas/ New Kids on the Block!

 I have dreamed of doing this since I was probably 9.... I was so excited in January when my brother in law Todd messaged me that my sister needed me for this! I bought a plane ticket for Vegas before we had tickets to the concert.
 This is how close we were sitting! It was so close I could have thrown something and hit the stage easy!!! Not that I would throw something at them. I'm just saying that is how close we were and I screamed when I saw how close we were! I yelled we are sitting here and they will be right there!!!! AHHHH! You get the idea!
 Here is a picture I took of Boys to Men. One of them wasn't performing but it was a good show... I wasn't super into them so I wasn't overly impressed.... but it was ok.

 98 degrees was the other opening act. They were ok. Honestly I wasn't a huge fan when they were famous so I only new a few of the songs they did, and I was not overly impressed with their dancing. The Lache brothers can dance... the other two who I don't even know were ok. Over all ok show
 I took these pictures mostly for my mom cause I think she likes Drew because of Dancing with the Stars which is where I know him from as well.

 Then the New Kids came out! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I don't know how I got a steady picture I was so excited.... lots of jumping, dancing, screaming.... you get the picture. I posted all the pictures I took that weren't totally blurry!


 These guys can still bust a move! They can sing live amazing too! Sometimes you get to a concert and wonder how someone got famous or how much editing they have to do in the studio to make a record sound good. No wondering here they are as good live as on album!!! LOVED IT!








 When they sang Tonight they came down into the crowd! AWESOME!!!!

 Jordan Singing I'll Be Loving you Forever!
 Hanging Tough!
I did take some pictures of my nieces while I was visiting them in Las Vegas... but they are on my phone and I don't know how to get them on my computer! Sorry!