Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas 2013 (FINALLY!)

 Christmas is hard for me to capture with my camera for a few reasons. #1 I am busy trying to enjoy it with out trying to always stop them and get a picture. #2 when I do try to get a picture they don't actually stop long enough and I get blurred shots  A LOT! So I have a few that are not totally blurry to share. Here they all are by the tree waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to get here for breakfast and presents! Very exciting!!!
 Hayden's dream came true and she FINALLY got her own American girl doll. She was dreaming of the girl of the year Sage and Santa really came through!
 Ethan asked for literally NOTHING! I knew he was saving for some Lord of the Rings legos so Santa decided to help him out on that one. He also got all the Lord of the Rings movies and the Hobbit. He was in Lord of the Rings heaven!!!
 Ruth asked Santa for the Klipity Klop Castle from little people. He brought that and she loves it. But mommy and daddy got her this Rapunzel and dress and I made her this wig. She was so excited about this that she hasn't taken it off other then church for WEEKS! Brock got her the stroller, and Ethan bought her the play dough. She had a very Rapunzel Christmas!!!

 Amelia asked for this bathtub from American girl. Sure is fancy and she loves it!
 Brock got lots of Dino legos and is in hog heaven.
I didn't get pictures but I did get video on a camera I don't know how to download onto this the last present of the morning. Everyone got Mickey Mouse T-shirts and gift cards because we are GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!! My kids have never been before and it has been a very long time since Larry or I have been. We are all very excited to go and get to be there in February for Amelia's 10th Birthday!!!
 Now we all live close to Grandma and get to spend part of Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa so in the afternoon we went to their house for dinner and more presents!!! The kids all got their Grammy jammies and a $15 gift card at Walmart.

 It is so much fun having family close enough to celebrate all the big stuff together! We had a wonderful holiday and are so grateful for our many many blessings all year and especially this time of year!
I didn't take any pictures but the day after Christmas Amelia had her tonsils taken out. She was a champ!!! She ate lots of ice pops, ice cream and drank LOTS of juice and ice water! She was all better just in time to go back to school. It was nice to need to be somewhat down for the rest of the holiday because we spent lots of time together and they played with their new toys, and games and movies. We did go to the movies one afternoon with cousins and then Grandma took the kids to spend their gift cards. It was a great break and we all had fun.