Saturday, April 28, 2012

 It was field trip month at our house. I got to go on both Brock and Amelia's field trips. I have missed a lot of these due to having nursing babies and all. So I was pretty excited to go... then I realized that riding on a bus full of kids is NOT as much fun as I remember... oh well it was fun to get to hang out with my kids. Brock's 4th grade class went to Ft. Vancouver. It rained off and on but we had a good time.
 The cool old Fort, above is the out side and below is Brock inside at the top.

 Brock checking inside the cannon
 The black smith shop
 Amelia got to go to the Zoo with the 2nd grade classes. This was a lot of fun! The only kids I was in charge of was Amelia! There were so many parents that the groups were very small! We walked around with her 2 little friends. It made it nice for me too because I had another grownup to hang out with.
 The Mountain Goat
 The girls Gretchen, Jocie, and Amelia by the leopard
The tiger. Right after this picture was taken my camera was dropped and broken... Hence I have no more pictures, and no pictures of the 2 field trips I took Hayden on for her 2 mommy and me preschool trips. We went to the Wacky Bounce House and then to the carousel. Both were fun!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spokane Trip/ Best Suprise EVER!

 So when I was in Young Women's I had the most amazing leader! She literally changed my life and how I think, feel and see things. Not a day goes by still that the things she did for me, with me or taught me don't influence me, or I think about her. So she is AMAZING!  I got a message about a month ago that her kids (my friends from growing up) were throwing her a surprise party for her birthday. I was so excited I knew I was going to go. I wasn't sure how yet but I was going to go. I hadn't seen her since Logan (her son that is my age) got married and I think I was pregnant with Brock then. He is almost 10. He might have been a tiny baby I am not sure. So it has been WAY to long since I have seen any of the Dittos. I ended up buying a plane ticket for just me to fly out early the morning of the party. I had such a great time. I spent most of that day with Debbie's sisters and parents, shopping. That was fun and quiet the adventure. Then we got to the party early to help a little with the getting ready.
 I loved the decorations. Done in her Favorite colors. The food was great! And the Entertainment the best. But anyone who knows the Dittos knows the really know how to party!

 She truly was surprised! It was so fun! My only regret was not staying longer. I would have loved to have had more time to visit with her. There were lots of people there and the program again was awesome. I laughed so much and had lots of great memories!
 At the end each one of her grand kids and kids brought her a flower. It was soooo sweet!
 This last one is Debbie and I! I am so glad I got to go. I get to see all the grandkids (well the ones that have blogs) grow. I read about all the things the families are doing and it was kind of funny getting to see them in person because all of a sudden I realized THEY have never met me! I know them, who they are their names.... but they don't know me! I felt almost like a stalker. It was a little funny. But so worth the trip! I hope to see them all again soon. Much sooner then 10 years!
Happy birthday Debbie!

Easter 2012

 The coloring of eggs. We colored our eggs Friday night. (I was going to be gone Saturday so we got a early start.) I think we did it in record time too! Ruth promptly dumped one whole cup of dye and then spent the rest of the time just playing on the floor. Good thing because if she had still wanted to color eggs I would have had a break down!

 Amelia with one of her works of art.

Brock and Ethan working on theirs. 
 The Easter bunny found our house! Good thing too! We asked him if he would come while they were at church because Mommy was out of town and would get home just before church was out and she wanted to be there for the fun stuff. So he came through! They pulled up from church about 20 minutes after I got home and he had been there!!! Hayden was I think the most excited about finding eggs. Ruth picked one up when it didn't rattle she tossed it back in the grass and went for her basket. He brought her a  little Dora ball that she LOVES!

 You can see how excited Hayden was. I got mostly pictures of her. Everyone else was just kind of off in their own space. It was a beautiful day out side and an even more wonderful day to remember out Savior and all he has done for us!