Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tagged again!

Wedding Tag

1. What date is your anniversary? March 20th 1999
2.Where did you get married? Portland, OR Temple.
3. Who proposed and how? Larry. I had taken him home to meet my family for Thanksgiving and we were in the kitchen helping my parents get dinner together and he asked my dad if he could marry me. Right after my dad told him that he approved and kind of gave us their blessing Larry left the kitchen for a minute and then when he came back he drug me down the hall and there in the hall in front of my old bed room (the bed room we stay in when we visit my parents) he got on one knee and asked me if I would marry him! The surprising part to me was that he had a ring. I didn't know he had bought a ring!
4. How long were you engaged? 4 months.
5. What was the favorite part of your wedding day? I don't think that is an appropriate question! But I can say that I loved sitting in the Celestial room waiting to go in to the sealing room and knowing my grandmother was there!
6. What would you change if you could? I think I would have asked for a professional photographer to be at the temple. No offense Sam you do a great job but there are some tricks they can do.... Anyway we don't have any blown up pictures of us at the temple.
7. Wedding colors? Purple/ Lavender
8. Do you remember anything special from your ceremony? Any good advice? A comical moment? Other then the for mentioned event in the temple I don't remember a lot about the actual ceremony other then who was there. So many of the people I love and still love were there. I remember thinking that I always thought I would cry (for joy of course) at my wedding and a whole lot but I didn't. I remember feeling so good, so at peace, and just like everything was just as it should be I didn't shed more then a tear or two that day. (those of you who know me especially at that time period would think NO WAY!)
9. Were you clean or messy when you cut your wedding cake? Totally clean! My dad would have killed Larry if he smashed cake in my face!
10. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Seaside Oregon
11. How long have you been married now? 9 years!
I tag Katie, Mom, Allison, and Denise/Shawn

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fun to Do!

This evening at the end of our Family Home Evening I started singing Fun to Do while the kids were getting jammies on. Amelia and Hayden instantly started dancing and I thought it was so cute I had to film it. I am apologizing now that you have to hear my singing and me laughing but I thought it was funny! Plus notice how Brock walks behind them in his underwear. (He was on his way to the garage to find the rest of his jammies!) I love it when Hayden dances I think it is so cute. But Amelia was cracking me up that she wanted to to do a bootie dance to the song! Our favorite way to sing this at our house is "Spanking Ethan is fun to do, fun to do, fun to do, Spanking Ethan is fun to do, to do, to do, to do!" He doesn't like it. But we do it to all of them. It was funny when Amelia was a baby and we started to sing it about her both the boys were MAD and wouldn't allow us to sing it about the baby because "she would cry!" Anyway I thought this was a fun little snippet of my life when my kids were being cute and not fighting! It was a nice ending to a really long, hard Sunday! I hope you enjoy it the way I did!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And the winner is.......

Here are a few extra shots of Ethan working on his pride and joy! He spent a lot of time with his dad getting everything smooth, shinny, and the wheels just right!
So tonight was the big night! Ethan's very first Pine wood Derby! He was so excited. They had the big talk about we are all winners..... Ethan's car won every race he was in except for the one that the track had come apart and his car came off the track. He still won fastest car for the Bears and Wolves!!! Way to go Ethan!!! We were all soooo proud! Grandma and Grandpa Davis came, and brought Grandma Lucy along. It was nice to have them there to support him! (You can hardly see the car because it is dark green against his dark blue shirt. I am adding a video of one of his races! Enjoy!

My Littlest Helper!

Lately Hayden has really loved helping. I don't even ask her or show her what needs to be done. She hears and sees her older siblings helping out and she wants to be a part of the action. It amazes me that at 17 months she initiates the helping! This is a picture of her helping me set the table. She was putting the butter on the table! She is so proud of herself when she helps and I just think it is so stinking cute I had to take pictures so I can remember this when she is 4-5 and telling me she doesn't want to help!
We have a rule in our house that when you are done eating a meal you clear your own dishes off and put them in the dishwasher. (I empty it every morning while I am making breakfast so it is ready to be filled as we dirty dishes) So the kids are all really good about it. In fact there has been a time or two I didn't get it emptied and Ethan or another child has put their dirty dishes in with clean ones. But Hayden has caught on to this little chore and loves to help with it. (This is actually her dad's plate.)
She is pretty good about getting the dishes in the dishwasher! She also loves to help me empty it if she is up that early. She will hand me one piece of silverware at a time and I put it in the drawer. Yes this slows things down but she loves to help and it makes her feel good!
A few other things she loves to help with lately is cleaning up messes. Mostly spills. If some thing drips like milk or water on the table of floor she will hop down go to the towel drawer grab a rag and wipe it up! I think it is so sweet how she has caught on to this (I wish my other kids would!) The other day I caught her digging in one of my plants in the kitchen and there was a little bit of dirt on the floor. I told her no digging in the plant and she saw the dirt on the floor, ran to the drawer grabbed a cloth and started wiping it up! So funny. I got the broom and swept it up but she was so willing to clean up her mess! She also loves to pull out baby wipes but not for the same reason all my other kids did when they were little. They just thought it was fun pulling one after another. She will pull one out and start wiping the walls, or the furniture, or what ever else she thinks needs tidying up. I just gotta love my littlest helper!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend up date!

(No this picture wasn't taken at my house! I actually took it last year at the tulip festival but it is tulip season even though we have had snow the last 2 days)

So it has been a week since I wrote anything.... mostly because I thought I didn't have anything to share. But we did have a semi busy week. I have had lots to do and think about for primary. In fact as much as I love my calling in primary and I love the children... it may not have been the busiest week of things to do for primary but one of my more emotional weeks for primary. We have a lot of moving around and changes happening in the ward and with the trickle down effect we have changes to make, as much as I hate to do it! I just have some teachers that I love because I know that they are so great with the kids, they love them and serve them in a way I can't imagine anyone else doing.... then we have to replace them! It is hard for me to say good bye to them and replace them. As well as many other things we are facing! Anyway I love the children and pray for the best for them!Now on to our family and goings on around our house!
Tuesday I got to teach preschool at our Mommy and me preschool for Amelia. It was fun we learned about the letter X and the sense of touch! This was the funny part. We spent a good 20 minutes talking and sorting out a sack full of thing I brought according to how they feel, (like bumpy, soft, hard, scratchy, smooth...) Then I gave them each a sheet of paper and we were gluing things down and labeling them as to how they felt. I pulled out a match to represent "hot" and all the kids went silent (they are all 4-5). One of the little boy's dad works at a fire station (he isn't a fireman though) he said, "we can't have matches! I better give this to my dad" I was so proud of their reaction and I felt dumb too because I hadn't even thought, "this might not be a good idea." So I taped it on their papers anyway and told their parents they could take it off or cut the tip off... Oh dopey me! Who gives 4-5 year old's a match!!! DUHH!
Saturday we had friends over all day (8 kids total in my house all day!) It was a lot of fun though. The kids really played quietly and had a fun time. I loved it at lunch time I was sitting with Allison's girls and for some reason Brooke and Jannelle have been shy with me lately and I asked them why. I told them they have known me forever and I am their friend! I reminded them of all the fun things we have done together, like when I use to have them one day a week while their mom was finishing up school, and how I went to see them the day they were born, all the birthday parties... I thought I love these sweet girls like they are my nieces! How lucky am I! It is so nice to have people around you that feel like family even if we don't share the same last name, or blood! To make the day a little more special when Alli was done at the baby shower she came to our house to take care of all 8 kids while Larry and I went to the temple with our ward. This was even more fun for us because we were able to travel with friends and get to know more about them. (For those of you who don't know they split the wards here almost 2 years ago and Allison happens to live on the North side of town and we are one the south, so we are in 1st ward and they are 3rd!) This does make it nice for ward temple nights because babysitters are easier to find! It was a wonderful evening in the temple! We had over 20 people from our ward in one session! It was great! Something about going to the temple with people from my own ward makes me feel closer to them! So it was a wonderful weekend and I felt blessed by the end of Saturday night!
Sunday night we put the kids to bed and while Larry and I were getting ready for bed we heard one of the kids up and moving around. So very shortly Ethan walks into our room and tells me he has thrown up. Great!!! So today I have spent the day cleaning up the mess of having a sick child!!! Poor guy! Hopefully he will be better soon!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Teaser!

This weekend the weather was so beautiful we did a bunch of fun stuff. I spent a lot of time in the afternoon pushing swings. This is one of my kids favorites. But the first thing we did was get Amelia's Bunk bed set up. I bought it clear back in September, from a friend, knowing we would need it eventually.... I kept it at her house till this weekend. We thought we would finally get it out of their way. Hayden won't be ready for a big girl bed for another 6 months or so but this gives Amelia time to get use to sleeping on the top bunk. She loves it! After the bed was all set up I left for a baptism and Larry and Ethan set to work on a Pinewood Derby car! Ethan had so much fun designing it and getting to use all the tools. He has used my saw before so this wasn't something new to him but very exciting anyway!
Ethan cutting out his Pinewood Derby car! I can't believe he is old enough for this. Just a year ago when I took him to watch one he was certain they weren't going to be doing this when he was 8! I assured him they would! Good thing somethings don't change!
Here are the kids doing some out door painting (my favorite place for it!) They had a lot of fun! In between putting coats of primer and paint on the Derby car Ethan joined the others for some painting. They love to do crafts, and projects and I thought it was a nice day to let them make a mess outside!

Hayden loves to be outside! She love swinging, throwing balls, just running around in the yard! She was in heaven this weekend and I know she will love summer! The main problem will be keeping her dry I think. She will want to climb in the wading pool every time she goes out the door. I am not sure what I will do about that. But I know it will be great for her! I love this picture. You can kind of see her post nap crazy hair, and pudgy cheeks!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tagged again!

I think this one is a little more interesting.... maybe a little. But maybe not since it is about me. any way here it goes.
The A- Z's of me!
A- Advocate for- my kids
B- Best feature- eyes (I am not even sure about that I am guessing)
C- Could do with out- tardiness, lying
D-Dreams and Desires- To have children who don't fight and know the gospel inside out! And to be debt free and not stressed about bills
E-Essential Items- Lotion, Chocolate
F- Favorite past time..... well next to that scrapbooking
G- Good at- Cooking, playing with my kids
H- Have never tried- Surfing, tap dancing
I- If I had a million dollars- I would pay off all our debt and take my kids on a fun vacation and then save the rest!
J- Junkie for CHOCOLATE!
K- Kindred Spirit- Kelli, Allison, Amber,
L- Little know fact- both my arms fall asleep every night no matter what position I sleep in!
M- Memorable Moment- My wedding day, and giving birth 4 times!
N- Never again will I- Be late for my kindergartners bus
O Occasional Indulgence- To much chocolate (although I think that might happen more often then occasionally, I am working on it though!)
P- Profession- Full time, cook, maid, laundress, book keeper, taxi driver, tutor, wife and mother
Q- Quote- "Remember Only YOU can prevent forest fires!" My dad, and Smokey the Bear
R- Reason to smile- When my kids get along or Hayden does something so cute (which is a lot!)
S- Sorry about- getting home late (by 3 min) yesterday and Brock came home to an empty house! I know I am a terrible mother! But like I said it will never happen again!
T- Tag some friends- Allison, Kelli, Kim, My mom MO!
U- Uninterested in- Harry Potter (sorry just not my thing)
V- Very scared of- heights, house fires, a car accident with my children in the car
W- Worst Habit- A few tv shows that I probably should watch....
X- X marks the spot vacation spot- Anywhere tropical with Larry, But someday I would love to drive cross country with our kids and see all the church and country historical site, and Disneyland (while they are still little)
Z- Zodiac sign- Taurus I think... (I don't even know what it means or what it is for)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Family Hommmmmme Evening!

Last night for our Family home evening treats I actually bought ice cream cones form Dairy Queen for my kids! (This only happens a few times a year but I thought it might work for a really good bribe. It worked to!) The funny thing about it is that it was Hayden's first ever ice cream cone all her own. I know shocking for all of you who know all the junk I let her eat! I showed her how to hold the cone and eat it. She was in heaven! She would hold it to her face, and she would say mmmmmmm. Gotta love the simple things in life!

Friday, April 4, 2008


No one says it like a child! It is kind of a cute story and I am trying to do better at keeping track of these cute small things my kids do. Monday we walked to pick Ethan up from school and Amelia has become terrified of going down the small hills, on her bike, between here and there. They are a little steep but short. Anyway I was tired of parking her bike in someones lawn and picking making her walk the rest of the way and picking it up on the way back home. So like the mean mom I am I told her that she couldn't ride her bike to the school again unless she was going to be brave enough to ride it the whole way. So Wed she convinced me that she was ready and she WAS brave now! So I consented. We got to the top of the hill and here she goes slower then a snail but saying WEEEEEEE The whole way down. I really wished I had had my camera with me I thought it was so cute. She was thirlled and so was I that she was at least willing to try and did a great job. By the second trip that day (for pick up instead of drop off) she was going faster and having more fun! I thought of my childhood and we lived on top of a big hill and we would ride our bikes to the pool during the summer and we loved to ride flying down the hill. That was fun but I don't remember doing it with so much zeal as Amelia. It makes me want to try it again just so I can say WEEEEEEE!
Oh and another thing Amelia did this week I don't want to forget. Thursday morning I was on my elliptical watching the morning news and Amelia was there at the table doing her Care bear puzzle and she looked at me very seriously and said, "I don't want to take balta." I said you don't want to take what? She said "I don't want to take Balt." I then realized the commercial on the TV was for Cimbalta (a depression med) I asked her why don't you want to take it (I love seeing what they are thinking!) She said because it's not for kids. (she was almost sad about this!) She said it is just for mom's and dad's. I told her "well I am a mom and I don't want to take Cimbalta! Not everyone has to take it just people who need that!" She cheered up and said OH! I thought what the heck are these commercials teaching my kids!!!!
p.s. I know these pictures don't have to do with what I wrote about but they were of Amelia and I just took them yesterday! I thought they were cute but I wish I knew how to get rid of the shadows... someday I will learn how to use photoshop!


So my friend Katie tagged every one who read her blog and not to be to lame but I am tagging anyone else who reads mine who didn't already do it off of hers! This is the easiest one I have ever done so I know you all can do it too!
All you need to do is grab the nearest book, mine happened to be my scriptures. (mostly because I was preparing my sharing time for next week earlier normally it would be over by the lazy boy!) Anyway Turn to page 132 and type the 5th sentence! So here it goes!

And I will send an angel before thee; and I will drive out the Canaanite, the Amorite and the Hittite, and the Perizzite, and Hivite, and the Jebusite:
(that was Exodus 33:2) Pretty exciting I know!