Sunday, May 31, 2009

Primary Quarterly Activity

Saturday we had our 2nd Quarterly Activity for this year. We wanted to do a talent show, just to have fun with the kids and help them get to see all the things that they are good at. I thought this would help them get to know each other better and see how many different kinds of things are talents! It ended up being a lot of fun and I think the kids enjoyed it too! I almost felt like it was cheeting because there was so little to do to prepare. We did invitations, a poster, and sign ups. That was it! The teachers and presidency made the treats as our talents so we all had a treat at the end! I will do a seperate post for all the other things we did this week that I haven't covered. It was a really really busy week!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh baby!

Today I had my "20 week" ultrasound. Everything went well. Some of you know that we are not finding out whether the baby is a boy or a girl. We have 2 of our 5 times and it was fun that way to. But since we have 2 of each, have everything we could possibly need we are going to wait and it will be a surprise! This has been fun too! I have to admit it was tempting when the tech said, "now, I am going to take some pictures of the bladder so if you don't want to know you might want to look away." But I was a "good" girl. I wouldn't peek at my Christmas presents so I am not going to peek at this one. It was a lot of fun looking at baby though. I feel a lot of movement with this little one and it was really funny to see what was going on while I was feeling it. There was one point where she was measuring the legs and the baby literally crossed it's feet! CUTE! Baby like to put "his" hands in his face too. (I only say his because I don't like calling the baby it!) This is the first time I have ever had a 3D ultra sound. The whole thing wasn't done this way which I am glad because personally I think they look creepy. No offence, but they do look like aliens and I seem to be able to see what is going on in the "old school" ultrasounds just fine. But she was trying to get a traditional side view of the face and this little wiggle worm wouldn't hold still! So she switched over to 3D and took these instead. She tried again after she took these and baby was still not cooperating. Funny! Baby was really still until she started prodding around down there. Then baby woke up and decided to dance, and wiggle. The scans didn't come out really great of these pictures but it is the best I can do so sorry if they are a bit blurry.

Here is a picture of baby's face with a hand up by the ear.

This one baby is hiding the face with his arm and the hand is up by the forehead in a fist.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The end of the game!

Here is Ethan touching home plate!

Here he is with the game ball. His coach gives the game ball to who ever did something during the game that was great, or helped win the game. So he came home with the game ball and his trophy! What a great day. Oh and on top of it I promised ice cream again if he hit the ball... so on our way home we stopped at DQ for the game winning boy!!! (Thanks for the treat Ethan)
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Play Ball!!!

So here is the cute cheerleader Hayden. She is proudly holding Ethan's trophy they got from the tournament over Memorial Day weekend. Even though he didn't play on Sunday he played in the Saturday game so he still got one! He was very excited. Hayden loved holding it. They won first place and all the boys were really excited. They beat Lincoln City in the final games.
Here is Ethan at his final at bat. He did a great job tonight. His first at bat he stuck out, second at bat he walked, and third at bat he was the first one up in the inning hit the very first pitch and made it to base! The bases were loaded when he got to third (the game was tied!) and he made it home making the winning run. Since the rest next three plays were out! It was very exciting.
Here he is in out field. Tonight was the second time he got a play out there this season. One of the Astro's hit it out to him and they got it in in time to stop him at second!

Here he is running to home.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

Our Memorial Day weekend was kicked off on Friday with Brock's 7th birthday. I already posted the party pictures and here is the picture of him with his Dino cake! We had cake Friday night when we got home from the ward lip sync. It was a long and busy day! But he loved it and had a great day! (all that matters really!)Friday while I was running a party full of kids Larry unloaded a load of mulch for our garden. It was a mix of a bunch of stuff and should be wonderful for our garden! He got it all done late Friday night after all the festivities!
Saturday was spent playing baseball and unloading bark dust for our flower beds! Our front yard now looks soooo beautiful. The kids really got into helping with this project. They have small wheel barrows and had a lot of fun running them. (they only hold a couple shovels full but every bit counts and they enjoyed working so it was fun!) Even Hayden got into the action!

Amelia liked running the broom more then the wheel barrows but helped anyway! It is amazing how much help the CAN be when they want to be. With me being mid way through this pregnancy I have to say I feel it a LOT more then ever and it is nice to feel like they are helping where I might not be as able as I would like to be. I typically just do everything while I am pregnant and don't really hold back. I don't like using it as an "excuse" to get out of things but I have to admit I feel an urgency to not over do it this time. I notice that I can get contractions or braxton hicks already when I get very physical. I don't know if it means anything but typically that is a last month thing for me so I am trying to not over do and find out the hard way that I should take it easy. I am not being lazy by any stretch of the imagination. I did baby sit like 100 kids this week, but I am not super comfortable pushing a wheel barrow...

Isn't Hayden cute with her wheel barrow!

Ethan was such a big help! We also planted our garden on Monday and I was surprised at how fast we got it done. We put Hayden down for her nap and Ethan, Brock and Amelia dug the holes and all I did was put the plants in. Then they all gave each of the plants the water with B1 while I supervised. Then they all helped clean up while I got stuff ready for a BBQ. I was shocked at how fast it went and how much help they really were this year! I was so proud of them. Ethan is the official weeder this year because that will be one of the things I know will be dang near impossible with my belly being a giant as it already is!!! He is very excited about this job and I know he will do a wonderful job. It is nice when they get to be good helpers! (And willing ones!!!)
Another exciting thing from this weekend was Saturday there was a baseball tournament. Ethan's team played at 11:00 and Ethan got his very first hit of the season! He hit it clear passed the basses and it rolled into the out field! He made it to 1st base. The next 2 hitters made hits to base and the bases were loaded the next guy hit a grand slam and they all ran in! It was very very exciting!!! They won their game by a landslide and moved on in the tournament. The down side was the next game was on Sunday. I knew a head of time that if they won they would have a Sunday game. I asked Ethan what he wanted to do if this happened and he told me he would tell his coach he wouldn't be there for the Sunday game. Which he did. I was so proud of him for making a good choice on his own. (I would have made it for him if he had made the wrong choice though.) Anyway we will find out Wed how his team did in the rest of the tournament. They have only lost one game all season so I am hoping that they did well.
On Monday when we were all done with the planting, and everything was cleaned up we had a BBQ with friends. It was a lot of fun. We have some friends who are moving away in a few weeks (which happens a lot in this ward). It makes me sad to see them go. We were really hoping they would stay around for a long time but sadly the school district is not seeing it my way! Anyway it was nice to just visit with friends, and let my body rest while we ate tons of yummy food. I am sorry to say I didn't take any pictures even though I really should have. I doubt I have any pictures at all of our friends that are moving! It was a beautiful weekend and we got lots done! Hope yours was good too!

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Brock's 7th Birthday!

Brock turned 7 today! He LOVES dinosaurs!!! So we had another dino party this year. He was soooo excited! We had dino cup cakes at the party. Here is the awesome dinosaur cake I made!!! It only took 2 bags of powdered sugar, and 3 hours decorating! It was so worth it when Brock woke up (at 6:30 am you would think it was Christmas!) I left it on the table and he jumped up and down and said, "I love it I love it I love it!"
The dino games were fun! I made some dinosaur feet and we did a little relay race carrying a "dino egg" in a spoon. "Dinosaur egg" toss (water balloon toss) and then just a water balloon fight! It was perfect for our very warm day!

Brock got lots of dinosaur presents for his birthday. But nothing was topped his dino pillow that Grandma Workman made! I will post pictures of it later, you can see part of it in his hands here. He was soooo excited about it! She also sent a Dino movie, and book which he also loved. We got him a bunch of craft stuff for his craft cart and he was really happy with that. He is such an easy kid and gets very excited about ANYTHING you give him. Which always makes you feel good. It was a fun day that will end with him taking his birthday jetted bath in my tub and going to bed in his brand new Dino jammies!!!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brock at 2 yrs old!

At two Brock was totally in love with tractors and dump trucks. He use to push this dump truck around all the time and sit in it like this so much that I brought it to his photo shoot. It ended up being so cute! He was always such a smiley guy!

Because Brock loved sitting in his Tonka like that when I was at Toys R Us shopping for his birthday I found this plush chair and new it was perfect for him!!! (Not to mention the fact that he has ALWAYS loved the color yellow!) I had originally wanted to buy him a "thinking chair" because he really liked Blues Clues too. But this was waaaaaay better! He is turning 7 and still asks me where it is (it disappeared some how a few months after we moved to this house 3 years ago...)

This Tractor cake was one I actually came up with with out finding a pattern or anything. I knew it wouldn't be hard and it really was a lot of fun. He totally loved it! Stay tuned for pictures of this years cake! It will blow your mind!!! (I love doing fun cakes for birthdays!)

Here is a list of birthday cakes I have done for Brock
1st Frog
2nd Tractor
3rd box of crayons
4th Little People (Fisher Price)
5th A clown (we did a carnival)
6th a Dinosaur
This year will be another dinosaur but totally aweomer! (I don't think that is a word but it is so true!)
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1st Hot day!

Every time the sun comes out my kids start asking when they can set the pool up. I kept telling them not until after Brock's birthday. Figuring if it was before that we would have a fun surprise! Yesterday was nice enough I thought why not. So while Hayden was napping I got it set up for Kade (the boy I watch) and Amelia. They had a blast for a good 2 1/2 hours! They would have kept having fun but Kade's dad got here to pick him up! But the boys were home by then so Amelia stayed out to play!

Here is Hayden in her new swimming suit. Larry and I bought it for her in March when we went away for our anniversary. We love to go to the outlet in March and pick up all the great deals for next winter, and the last summer stuff in the out lets! both the girls go Gymborie swim suits for supper cheep (normally I NEVER buy stuff there just because I would never spend that kind of money on clothes that get ruined or out grown so quickly!)
Amelia was doing all kinds of cute things so I would take pictures of her! I love this one of her drinking the water!
As soon as the boys got home from school they joined the fun!
Jace was fascinated watching Amelia and Kade splash around! It was really cute watching him watch them. when he got hungry we had to come in the house because he couldn't eat and watch them at the same time.

I love this one of Amelia and Kade. It looks like he is going to spank her!

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Brock at 1 year!

These were some of Brock's 1st birthday pictures. He was such a sweetie! Still is I just love his sweet little face!

I will try to post a picture this week that showed how bowed his legs use to be. It is pretty cute!
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Brock's Birthday week!

Brock turns 7 on Friday. I thought I would try what a few of my friends do and do a post a day for him. I usually just do a big post on their birthday but we will give this a try!

This is Brock the morning after he was born. (He was born late at night) He was a really scratchy baby so you can see he had scratched his face already. He is my only baby I ever used those mitten things on.

Here is Ethan the new big brother! I remember thinking that all of a sudden he seemed so big to me! I look back at these pictures and think he was still a baby (26 1/2 months). Hayden will be nearly 3 when baby #5 gets here. I wonder how different that will feel? Brock was a very cute baby, didn't sleep much or at least for long periods of time but was very snugly!
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Temple Trip

Saturday was our ward's "total temple day" Meaning we had scheduled to go from baptisms through sealings for a person. (For those unfamiliar with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saint's beliefs and temples click here!) I have never done this before. I hadn't even done baptisms since I have been married (so more then 10 years!) I was really looking forward to this experience. My mom had sent me a few family names so I was really excited. Our group started out small since some people had already had the baptism part done but grew through out the day. It was such a beautiful day (not that I saw out side a lot). But I did come out and have lunch with some great friends. It smelled so good and the flowers were so beautiful! We spent the rest of the day inside and the spirit was so strong and I knew that the work we had done was worth every minute of being away from children, not planting my garden on this beautiful day, or any other thing I might have done on this day. Nothing was more important! Many times while I was there my baby would start kicking like crazy. I don't know if this is because they can also feel the spirit, maybe they know they are in a wonderful place... I have always felt that babies and children are often more in tune with the spirit then we are, I think it may be true even before they are born! We got out around 7:30 and you could still smell the flours so strong in the air! It was a beautiful evening. One of the other Sister's was there on her own and she and I went out for dinner afterwards. It was a nice finish to the day. The funny thing was that on my way home all by myself I thought... I am going to bear my testimony tomorrow then I thought... it isn't fast Sunday! Well about 10 minutes before church started Brother Quinn asked if I would bear my testimony on our experience in the temple yesterday! Funny. It was a wonderful day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

18 weeks and counting!

Last night we hit a milestone! Larry was able to feel the baby move for the first time. Baby's movements are starting to get much stronger. Which is a peaceful feeling for me. I like knowing things are going on in there and baby is growing and getting stronger! I know Larry loves feeling the baby move to. I know it is our 5th child but I don't think it will ever get old. Other things that have been going on is the crazy dreams. I usually have weird dreams when I am pregnant. With most pregnancies I remember them being related to pregnancy, this time they are very random. I always wake up wondering what they heck was that all about. For example I have had dreams about going back to the prom, only I am still the me I am now including being pregnant with my 5th child! Last night it was a dream about King Kong destroying this giant building we were in. After he left a Sister in our ward (I don't know if she would like me to use her name?) was trying to have an Easter Egg hunt for all the kids in the building that was falling apart! That is to name a few that I have had in the last few weeks. There are many more! Usually every night I have crazy dreams. In the past I have had dreams that I was pregnant with a litter of Kittens... I don't know anything about dream analysis but I think they might have fun with me now.

I weight myself and haven't gained any weight as of yet. All my weight is kind of shifting around though. My skin is starting that is starting to clear up. But I have a lot of those spots that can come with pregnancy. I don't know the real name for them. But I look like I have giant clusters of freckles on my for head. I am trying to be a good sport about it and know that it is or should be temporary. So hopefully they will go away after baby comes. Not wait for 18 months like they did when I had Hayden. At least they are in a less embarrassing place this time. When I had Hayden they were on my upper lip so it looked like I had a mustache! I really hated it and was ready to look into skin bleaching when they finally went away. The things we do to get babies into our homes! Good thing they are worth it!

I am starting to get some energy back. I can make it through the day with out having to have a nap. They help but I don't feel like I am going to die if I don't. I am ready for bed in the evening though. Which also means I am often able to get more things done in a day. Like yesterday I swept, and mopped my floor, along with cleaning up the living room, ran errands in the morning, and got a ton of stuff done for primary. Tuesday I was able to totally clean the bathroom (as in toilets, tub, sinks and floors),and the living room! A few weeks ago I would have barely made it through one of those with out being very very tired. I remember one day I got the living room picked up and vacuumed and then I had to leave the vacuum out for the rest of the day because I was to tired to put it away. Anyway I am feeling good and technically for me I am basically half way! Yeah! Sorry another post with no pictures! Maybe later today I can think of something cute to post!

Monday, May 11, 2009

True confessions of a tired, and slightly sick mom

Ok a few posts ago I had a little rant about how I had been struggling with my 9 year old. True enough it had been pretty bumpy for a while. We took a camping trip and ditched a few of our other responsibilities in hopes of getting a little family fun time, and unity back in order. It was like the medicine that hit the spot. True enough things aren't perfect but something has clicked and things are running a bit smoother. There have been only a few short flare ups and a much more agreeable child, and parents in our home the last couple of days. This being said... I thank all those that had wonderful advice for us. Some of it will still be put to use because as things go in most homes there will still be those days where tempers get a little short. But I was reminded of some of the basics I was ignoring. On top of the great advice and support and love I felt from others the next couple of days while I was searching for what was causing so much discontent in our home lately "surly it must me MY FAULT!" I came to a realization that I shared with Kelli over emails. I knew something was a miss in our home and after review I have found and my testimony is strengthened of the importance of Family Scripture Study. Since Ethan started baseball we are often busy all the way up to or past bed time in our home so "to save my sanity" I typically opt to put to kids to bed "on time." I have to admit that looking back I notice that with this plan of mine we have only been reading scriptures as a family a maximum of 2 days a week... Shame on me! So now I realize there is a huge difference in the spirit in our home when we forgo following the prophet for bed times. I KNOW that the spirit is not with us when we are not doing all we can. 15 minutes late to bed to read scriptures will go much farther for us then 15 minutes more of being in bed.... Our home runs more smoothly, I am more calm, more consistent and more loving when the spirit has been invited in our home. On top of the lack of scriptures as a family the week my boys were out of school my cold/cough started getting much worse!!! So many mornings I would opt for an extra 30 min of sleep in the morning instead of my usual up an hour before the kids so that I can have my scripture reading done in quiet and time for prayer and shower in peace. Instead I was starting my day with chaos by waiting for the kids to wake me in the morning. I have found that this is not effective for my sanity. I need my quiet time in the morning so that I can be put together emotionally, spiritually and all that. Ready to face the day because I am prepared. So in my sickness, tired state from being pregnant, raising 4 kids and having day care kids, planning sharing time, and the terrible rain that made us all stay in doors for the entire week we had hit a breaking point. I would like to say I will never let it happen again. But I am human and I know that the natural man will take over from time to time and it will happen. But I am happy to know that I know my weakness, I know the problems, and I know the solutions! I will do better. I will try harder to love, enjoy and be consistent with my children and they in return will do the same for me... well the best laid plans...
Anyway thanks for your love and support. I love getting ideas from other moms and feeling the support that we all need! I do love my children, I know they love me and we will be better about reading our scriptures!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

There have been a lot of women in my life who have touched me and helped me become the woman that I am. Maybe they don't want to take credit for that but they have touched me and taught me and continue to teach me how to be a mother, wife, and woman. I can't thank them enough for all the have and continue to do for me! To name a few!
My own mother. Who was such a good example of all I wanted to be that I knew I wanted to be a mother even when I was very young. I remember taking dolls to school on "career" day and saying I wanted to be a mom. She still supports, and gives me good advice when I need it. She is so willing to come and give me breaks even though she is 3 hours away! I could go on all day about the million things she has done for me...
My Grandma Workman taught me a lot about being domestic, and how doing that serves my family and shows love to them. I knew when I got engaged that I wanted to have a marriage that was loving like my grandparents and my parents. Before my Grandma died I remembered the way her and my grandpa looked at each other. They had been married more then 50 years and still had a twinkle in their eye, held hands, and kissed each other in front of all of us. The last thing I told her before she died was "I hope I become half the woman you are"
My Grandma Nola taught me about being crafty. She could make the most fun things. She made Barbie furniture for us when we were little. She was still doing crafts before she died. I love to do crafts and enjoy a lot of those things too. I know that it is a good outlet for me and helps me be creative, in a way that I could easily push aside and ignore. But I know it is important and good for me and my family.
Sister Ditto was my Laurel advisor when I was 16-17 and she taught me so much about being fun and young even when you are grown up. I think sometimes I need to relearn this sometimes because at times I feel like the grouchy old mommy. But then it all comes back to me and I find myself playing with my kids, dancing with them, or taking them to do fun things just because we need to get out and do something fun. She also taught me many spiritual lessons also! One of the many was the amazing trip she took us on to YW conference and we spent a week in Utah just us girls, shopping, playing, and most importantly I saw the prophet for the very first time and KNEW that he was a prophet more then I had ever known before!
Sister Schmidt was my seminary teacher and my Best Friend's mom. She taught me all about how to apply the scriptures to me. I know that the scriptures are alive and important in my life because of her. She also taught me a lot about being able to be fun and goofy even when you are a grown up. I will never forget her cheerleader impressions!!! Or the naming of James when she was pregnant with him.
I was also lucky enough to have lots of Aunts in my life that taught me a lot about the things I needed to know when it came to picking a husband, and the kind of mom I wanted to be. All of them were a big influence on me! But my Aunt Jeannine was a big part of that too. When I was 11 or so I spent a week with them during the summer and then it kind of became a tradition. I loved my Aunt and Uncle. They were fun, kind, and such good examples of all the same things I learned from my grandparents, Love, hard work, and service. My Aunt Jeannine has had many miscarriages! I think she has been pregnant 14 times. I may be wrong. But they have 4 living children. I have lost 4 and have gone to her from time to time for advice. I can't fathom going through all she has and they seem to remain so strong! I have looked to her as an example at times as I have struggled with my own loss and found strength from her.
There have been many other women who have made a big difference in my life but these are a few that I wanted to honor today! I have many friends now who I turn to for advice, strength and support as we go through this journey of motherhood together. I find strength and courage to move forward because of all these women! Thank you all for being good examples, and leaning posts for me!!! I love you!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Camping at the Beach

Last September Larry and I bought an old camper that needed "some" work to it. So Larry has spent the last while working on it and this weekend we decided it was time to test it out. On big part we had been cooped up all week with terrible weather and kids home from school because of the "swine flu out break" ha ha ha. Anyway we were in desperate need of some fun time together to possibly get things going in a positive way (if you read my last post you know what I mean) Anyway Friday Larry had a short day at work and we left early and got to Beverly Beach early enough to "fly" kites. It was more like fly and crash because the wind was so strong. But the kids had a blast regardless!

We also had a yummy dinner and then built a nice fire to sit buy and eat popcorn!
No smores this time...

In the morning we took the kids to Hatfield's OSU Marine exhibit in Newport. This is right by the Oregon Coast Aquarium and is free! So we opted for that one. The kids loved it! There was fun stuff to touch, fish to see, and lots of other cool stuff.

After that we headed over to the light house. I thought the kids would think this was kind of boring but I think it was one of their favorite parts! The older 3 were big enough to get to climb the stairs to the top. I was so surprised that they all made it. (Amelia and Brock are a little timid about heights) But they did it! Hayden and I waited at the bottom. (She was to little and I am to chicken!!!) After all this fun we hit Mo's on our way home for some early dinner and then a "quiet ride home" It was actually only quiet the last 10 minutes or so when I paid the boys each a quarter to be quiet for the rest of the ride. (I know I am awful but my ears needed a break!) Over all it was a fun quick trip and now I am ready for a long bath and my bed!!!
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Parenting Problems

I hesitate to post this because it is allowing me to vent, or feel sorry for my self, or just plain old proof at the not so great job I am doing at raising my children. Not sure which but maybe I can get some good ideas from feed back....
My 9 year old and I have battles much of the time. I have tried rewarding good behavior to try to stamp out the bad behavior, I have tried punishing the bad behavior to stamp out the bad behavior.... It always ends with him yelling that he hates me, or that he thinks I hate him, or that I am the meanest mom.... ON and on. So Larry and I told him that if he was going to sass talk, be rude, or disrespectful we were going to put soap in his mouth. (He could careless about time out, we have already taken away all the toys, computer time and tv...) So today I ended up having to do the soap treatment. Which was followed by the "I hate you" stomp up the stairs and pretty soon he comes down with our suit case packed. I asked him where he was going and he just says anywhere. It is pouring down rain and he thinks he is running away! I told him he couldn't leave unless he told me where he was going. I can't have him just wandering the streets you know. So he is now wondering our yard....
I just don't know what to do anymore to get my child be the loving little boy he once was. He use to love to help me, tell me he loved me, and want to be good. I am not saying he doesn't show glimpses of that kid every now and again. But they truly are glimpses and very short lived! This crazy kid has taken over and I am at a loss as to what to do next!!!! I don't know how to discipline a kid who doesn't listen, taking everything he has doesn't phase him enough to change anything. He doesn't act this way for other people so I know that he knows what appropriate behavior is he is choosing not to at home! Now what?! Any ideas please help!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Last of Prineville

Ok I thought the last one was all I was going to post about our trip to Prineville but I saw some more picture I just loved and wanted to post. Here is Brock holding Reagan. He was so excited to go and see her and hold her. He loves babies and is really hopping ours will be a girl because according to him "girl babies are cuter!"
Amelia with her new best friend Lia
Brigham tickling Grandpa with a leaf while he is sleeping through all of the Sunday Crazy noise! I don't know how he sleeps while Uncles are wrestling kids, squashing kids (see below) giving boys wedgies, and all around chaos! But some how he does it every time! It is pretty funny.

Sam Squashing Brock. They love their teaser Uncles and look forward to the rough housing and teasing that comes with getting to see them!
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