Friday, May 1, 2009

16 weeks!

So we are in week 16 of this pregnancy or I guess just finished week 16... how ever it works. I have been fairly lucky and can't complain much. I do have to say the insomnia is a little old. I doubt it will go away. It tends to come in waves. I have no problem falling asleep since I am always tired. But I can't stay asleep at night and I will wake up and stay awake for long periods of time. Although some nights I fall asleep quickly I just wake up a whole bunch!!! So I wake up not rested. I am getting through the days a little better with out HAVING to have a nap. I do better if I can rest for a little while but don't have to sleep at noon. I have to admit I get grouchy with my kids because my hormones kind of swing and being tired on top of that I can be a grouch. I try really hard to be patient but it can be rough. Sadly harder with my older kids. Although they understand more then the 2 year old so... My stomach is a little less queezy but at lunch time I still stuggle to find something that sounds good. I know I am hungry but nothing sounds good at that time of day.
I have my 20 week ultrasound scheduled for the last week of May. We WON'T be finding out if it is a boy or girl. My mom wants me to have the DR send her a note so she can buy stuff and name the baby. I don't know what she is going to buy we have boxes of everything since we have boys and girls at our house. Although new stuff is always fun! My big problem is coming up with names that I love! We plan on going in with a few boy and girl names and picking when baby gets here. (We have done this before!) But I am having a hard time coming up with anything I really am sure I want to put on the list for sure... When I bring it up with the kids they just get silly. Amelia wants to name the baby (if it is a girl) Princess Rosie Bellie (this is her name for her favorite Barbie.) I have suggested the name Calvin for a boy. I am not sure if Larry is humoring me or not but the boys love it because of Calvin and Hobbes! I would love some good suggestions!!!! Maybe I will do a contest later on but I need suggestions! I do have middle names kind of picked out since we do family names for middle names. I would like Curtis or Ben for a boy's middle name, (after my dad or Grandpa) and for a girl either Amy or Donna (both my grandma's). So what ever we come up with should go with one of those...HMMMM
I am feeling chubby. I feel like I look pregnant to me but I am sure to others it just looks like I am fat. Although technically I haven't really gained weight. I think it might be 2 lbs. I am very likely only going to gain another 8. Don't freak out and complain to me about it because I have started out heavier then I have ever weighed in my life. I put on a lot of weight after I weened Hayden and couldn't seem to loose it even when I was trying really hard I only lost 3 lbs! So I started out at only about 8 lbs under where I am when I deliver a baby! ( I usually top out at the same weight with in 3-5 lbs!) So I am hoping that I will follow my last few pregnancies and burn my own fat and put it towards pregnancy... but watch I will eat my words and everything else in site and gain a good 20 lbs and be gigantic! (FOR me that is not to say that gaining 20 lbs is wrong because it isn't I did with my first but after that I was always heavier so I didn't gain as much...) Anyway I am not going to focus on my weight to much because I figure it isn't that important and I know there is only so much I can do... Anyway I am feeling pretty good and getting a little more energy as long as I could sleep better at night.
I have felt the baby move a little bit. Which is exciting to me. I am kind of anxious to feel it more strongly and more often. It is a peaceful secure feeling for me to know that all is well with the baby! I hope it is a mover and a shaker because personally I prefer it that way. Hayden was really active and I remember loving it. I always knew she was doing good and getting strong!
I was thinking earlier while rocking the baby I watch. I was thinking I am ONLY 16 weeks, then I thought well I haven't ever gone past 37 weeks... that means only 2 weeks until I am at MY half way! Before the end of the month I will be half way. Then school will get out, summer will fly by, school will start and I will just have enough time to get my house in order and the baby will get here! That is the plan.... So maybe things will speed up.
On other news. Ethan had a game Monday night. They beat the other team so bad it was almost sad!!! They won 18 to 7!!!! It was really exciting. Ethan walked at his first up to bat and made it around to home. Then his second at bat he was walked again and made it to 3rd base. The 3rd baseman held on to the ball for a while and everything settled down and Ethan stepped off the base so he could lead off to go home and the kid tagged him. I didn't even know he still had the ball! So he was out! Oops! The next at bat he had a strike out. But it was still a really exciting game!
Both the boys missed 2 1/2 days for pink eye that isn't really pink eye. I am so sick of them they are going back to school no matter what!!!
Larry caught a frog and brought it home the other night and the kids had a lot of fun with it until Ethan dropped it I am pretty sure he died shortly after we let him loose! He looked like he was exploded from the inside he was all swollen! GROSS!


The Hawaiian Gards said...

Wow it goes fast when its not me!!

We are a little family of four. said...

16 WEEKS ARE YOU KIDDING time flys! OK maybe just for one of us...sorry I hope it gets easier and you can get some better sleep. I am so proud of you for not finding out the sex. It is so exciting that way (don't tell you Mom I said that...I love her to death and wouldn't want her to hate me).

Alli said...

This week might make you crazy seeing as how the schools are closed...
So it sounded at first like you said you were going to let your mom pick the name - but then you were talking about picking the name, so I was confused. I'm very selfish about names - I could never let someone else have that privilege! If you take Calvin from me, I won't be able to ever have a boy, you know - it's the only name left that I like that hasn't been used within my own extended family.
I hope you get a little rest this week. Send your kids over a few times to give mine something to do!

Amanda said...

No my mom is not naming the baby! She just thinks she is! :) She likes to give suggestions and we end up doing what ever we want in the end and she likes what ever we choose. I doubt it will end up being Calvin since Larry doesn't seem to be crazy about it. I still like Carter, and I am considering just using Curtis as the first name but am not sure. I haven't told Larry about that idea yet... we will see. I have also suggested Lily for a girl... or Camile It seems to be harder this time.