Saturday, May 9, 2009

Camping at the Beach

Last September Larry and I bought an old camper that needed "some" work to it. So Larry has spent the last while working on it and this weekend we decided it was time to test it out. On big part we had been cooped up all week with terrible weather and kids home from school because of the "swine flu out break" ha ha ha. Anyway we were in desperate need of some fun time together to possibly get things going in a positive way (if you read my last post you know what I mean) Anyway Friday Larry had a short day at work and we left early and got to Beverly Beach early enough to "fly" kites. It was more like fly and crash because the wind was so strong. But the kids had a blast regardless!

We also had a yummy dinner and then built a nice fire to sit buy and eat popcorn!
No smores this time...

In the morning we took the kids to Hatfield's OSU Marine exhibit in Newport. This is right by the Oregon Coast Aquarium and is free! So we opted for that one. The kids loved it! There was fun stuff to touch, fish to see, and lots of other cool stuff.

After that we headed over to the light house. I thought the kids would think this was kind of boring but I think it was one of their favorite parts! The older 3 were big enough to get to climb the stairs to the top. I was so surprised that they all made it. (Amelia and Brock are a little timid about heights) But they did it! Hayden and I waited at the bottom. (She was to little and I am to chicken!!!) After all this fun we hit Mo's on our way home for some early dinner and then a "quiet ride home" It was actually only quiet the last 10 minutes or so when I paid the boys each a quarter to be quiet for the rest of the ride. (I know I am awful but my ears needed a break!) Over all it was a fun quick trip and now I am ready for a long bath and my bed!!!
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Rachel said...

Sounds like a fun quick trip!! I think we all need to have one of these every now and then.