Monday, May 4, 2009

Workman Grandkids!

This is the newest addition to the Workman side of the family (My family) She is my brother Sunny and sister in law's baby Reagan. We were so excited to go and see her! I could hardly get enough of her! She is such a sweet baby. She hardly cried at all, but was such a sweet snuggler! I just wanted to keep kissing her the whole weekend!
Here she is in her beautiful antique blessing dress. Her big sister Johnnie sure loves her!
This is all 10 of the grand kids! (Front row) Brigham, Hayden, Hyrum. (back row) Reagan, Johnnie, Ethan, Macquarie, Brock, Amelia, and Lia. They all had a great time together and we would have stayed longer if we could have. But Larry had to come back to work and I thought the kids had to go back to school. But we got home and found out that school was cancelled for the entire week due to the Swine flu!!! More on that in a minute.

Saturday while we were there Amelia and Lia got to go to Lia's house and play together with out the CROWD I think it is the first time they have done this. They had so much fun they didn't want to stop. They are a lot a like in interest and had just loved being girly together! They are 11 months apart in age and just got a long great! It was so nice to see.
Now on the swine flu.... I hate to be one of those negative people but I think that this whole thing is being fed on FEAR! Yes it is a new kind of sickness, but isn't the flu different every year... Don't people die from the flu every year... One person in the entire county has it and we are basically shutting down the community. In fact there were people wearing masks to church in Salem (not even where the case of the sickness was!!!) I think sure we need to be careful, if you are sick go to the Doctor, take care of your self and stay away from other people but do my kids need to miss an entire week of school, base ball, gymnastics, and library because one person who goes to the college is sick? I think the media would make us all afraid of our own shadow if we allow them too! I may be wrong but I am not buying in to the fear and I am going to live my life as much as I can even if everything else is CLOSED!!!
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The Hawaiian Gards said...

What a beautiful family you all are!! What a fun trip.