Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1st Hot day!

Every time the sun comes out my kids start asking when they can set the pool up. I kept telling them not until after Brock's birthday. Figuring if it was before that we would have a fun surprise! Yesterday was nice enough I thought why not. So while Hayden was napping I got it set up for Kade (the boy I watch) and Amelia. They had a blast for a good 2 1/2 hours! They would have kept having fun but Kade's dad got here to pick him up! But the boys were home by then so Amelia stayed out to play!

Here is Hayden in her new swimming suit. Larry and I bought it for her in March when we went away for our anniversary. We love to go to the outlet in March and pick up all the great deals for next winter, and the last summer stuff in the out lets! both the girls go Gymborie swim suits for supper cheep (normally I NEVER buy stuff there just because I would never spend that kind of money on clothes that get ruined or out grown so quickly!)
Amelia was doing all kinds of cute things so I would take pictures of her! I love this one of her drinking the water!
As soon as the boys got home from school they joined the fun!
Jace was fascinated watching Amelia and Kade splash around! It was really cute watching him watch them. when he got hungry we had to come in the house because he couldn't eat and watch them at the same time.

I love this one of Amelia and Kade. It looks like he is going to spank her!

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