Monday, May 4, 2009

Prineville visit

We went to Prineville this weekend for the blessing of my newest niece Reagan. We all had a lot of fun. This is a picture of my dad cutting down a Juniper tree on their new farm. It was in the way of their view so it had to go!
It rained most of Saturday but that didn't stop the kids from having a ton of fun! They all got very dirty! Brock left a ring around grandma's tub he was so dirty! He also was VERY smelly since they burnt a pile of Juniper brush and it smelled like he had been rolling in the burn pile! He had a very very strong smoke smell!!! I scrubbed him like crazy that night.
My Brother Sunny's kids have a small kid sized 4 wheeler and Ethan had a blast! He was on that thing as long as he could and loved every second of it. It was a lot of fun for the kids. There was hardly any fighting and just a lot of fun even with a cousin sleep over the night before! There were 7 of the 10 grand kids at grandma's over night and needless to say it was a late night and an early morning, but fun anyway.
This is my niece Johnnie after playing out side in the mud and on the 4 wheeler
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The Hawaiian Gards said...

Eli loves the mine four wheeler too. It kind of gives me a heart attach though. His fallen off of it twice. Glad they had fun!