Monday, August 25, 2008

Craig's List, who wants your CRAP?!

Ok this is another venting/ranting post. But I just have to do it because my husband has spent a lot of time on Craig's List lately "window shopping" and he always has to bring to my attention the funny things he finds on there. We love Craig's list and actually sold our truck on it. Also let me also preface this by saying I AM NOT THE BEST SPELLER! And if you have read much of my blog you also know that my grammar is not the best! But I do know how to use spell check and I do try to proof read for the most part of my posts. So here is my rant. Why do people post things that are so obviously spelled terribly!!!! Or the grammar is horrid!!! There was one man posting that he wanted to help others list there stuff and sell it and everything was misspelled, and the grammar was terrible! Who wants that guy to sell your stuff when he can't even write a decent add to try to help others sell. Here is my other problem with Craig's list. Or the there are the people who post picture where you can't even see what it is they are selling. Sometimes they take the picture at night and you can barely see the out line of the thing or they take a picture of a boat and they leave the cover on so you can 't see much of the boat. Larry loves to look at the free section here is a few of the crazy things he has found, half used box of Maxi pads with wings, half used box of condoms, 3 pairs of used tightie whitie under ware (only worn once or twice), punch bowl with only one crack and chipped mismatched cups, the dog igloo that has bullet holes and a large crack, used carpet dirty, worn and stained, a couch that is worn out and has the springs sticking out but they have suggested you could put cardboard over that, Old broken TVs, worn out car tires, Dogs that have only bitten one person, broken ceramic tiles they suggest someone could use them for a mosaic, a bloody mattress from a home birth (don't worry it has been professionally cleaned!), and someone offering to give free hair cuts because they like "playing with hair." Have any of these people ever heard of a GARBAGE CAN??????? Are they crazy? Who wants their crap?!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Venting/ Journaling

Ok let me preface this entry. I wrote this a few days ago. I was feeling....overwhelmed. I still am and I am not really 100% sure I want to publish it because as I say later don't like sharing things of this nature about myself, usually my mom is the only one I talk to about this kind of stuff and sometimes very close friends, and this is public for anyone to judge me one way or the other. I thought about this for a few days now and figure well I could publish it and maybe get a comment or two that could help me work through my frustration, or help me feel less alone in my feelings. Be warned that they thoughts are NOT organized, scattered and very personal to me. The funny thing is that I still held back, there was a lots more I wanted to say, but didn't. I hope you all know that I do love being a mother, just know I am having a bad few weeks and I probably just need a night off. So please, "Don't you judge me!" Just love me anyway. Or HELP!

, So on my last entry I mentioned the fact that I was ready for my kids to go back to school. I don't want anyone thinking I am not happy being a mother. Although there have been moments this month where I have thought "I am not enjoying being a mother right now." This is hard for me to take because all I have ever wanted in my life was to be a mother. Even when I was in grade school all I remember telling people I wanted to be was a Stay at Home mom. I just knew I would love taking my kids to the park, and all those fun things moms get to do (hey it is like getting to be a kids still right...) When I was in high school and planning for college I was still thinking of majors that would work great for being a mom. I originally went into teaching thinking it was going to be the best training I could get.... Then I switched to dance that was way more fun and I figured when my kids were all in school I could open a studio of my own... we will see on that one. Anyway I am living my dream and I am sooooo grateful for my children. They weren't all easy to get. For those of you who don't know we have lost 4 and the last one was very painful for a very long time. Even though we have had one since then there are scares on my heart that have been slow to heal... Anyway I love do love being a mom and it makes me sad when I am not enjoying it. I know that there are a few reasons I am not enjoying it lately. #1 is I haven't been taking good care of me lately, I haven't been working out (I know some of you are thinking what does that have to do with it, this has more to do with my mental and emotional state then physical I have found. I don't always loose much weight just my working out but I am a better person when I do.) , I also haven't taken any real time out for myself. I usually like to take a night once and a while to scrap book, or just get out. But I haven't done this at all this summer! I have been doing my mommy duty 24/7 since school let out (until last week Larry and I went to the temple!) I have found that I also need to take a little time off just to do something for me, this helps me be a better mom. So I need to do this so I can take care of me in turn take better care of my children. I use to think that was a very selfish thing to hear people say, then I became a mom and realized what it feels like to run on empty because you have given it all away. I try really hard to make summer fun and full of fun stuff to do. We have almost NO tv. In fact my kids watch less tv now then they do during school. The tv is almost never on during the week. We watch a movie as a family on the weekend. (Usually Friday) and they get 2 hours of Saturday morning cartoons (this is more for Larry and I's benefit then for the kids). I bought workbooks at the beginning of summer so the kids could keep up and loose what they gained during the school year. I planned trips to the beach, bought a pool pass, Story time at the library and picnic in the park every Wed, play dates with friends, reading lots of books, camp outs in the playhouse in the back yard..... Anything to keep them busy and happy. But there comes a time when mom gets tired, kids get tired, and then there is fighting. This is honestly one of my biggest pet peeves as a mom. FIGHTING!!!! I want so badly for my kids to get a long play nicely together. An I really can't complain to much I have seen kids who fight with each other waaaaay more then mine do. But as I read in the scriptures and am always thinking of the way it should be and how it is my job to teach them this and I see a few families who seem to have a really good handle on this I wonder "WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!" So when Larry and I spent and evening in the temple 2 weeks ago I came up with a solution and we are putting it into action. This week has been.... somewhat better, I don't think anything can stop the problem immediately, but I know that as we follow the prophet and resolve to be better about our family scripture study and family prayer things will get better. I don't want you all to think we are heathens and weren't doing this before. We were but if I was to tired or was just READY for them to go to bed I would just not want to deal with it and put them to bed. So we were at about a 75% rate of doing it, and less with daddy. I can't be sure he will be a 100% now either because he works long hours sometimes and I put kids to bed sometimes before he is home. (Can you blame me on the days he gets home at 8:30 and later!!) Anyway but we are resolved to do better in this area and I think it will help immensely with the spirit being in our home. Not only do I know my kids will fight less, but I know I will have the spirit with me enough to know how to handle it and teach them how to get a long better. Plus going back to school will help us all be better! :)
Sorry my rant was a little unorganized but I am trying to organize my thoughts as I go. I have been thinking about this all a lot lately and it is really really hard for me to write or say these things because I often feel like others will think I am a bad mom, for feeling, or thinking these things. Which I know probably isn't true because I know I am not the only one who goes through this. But I also don't like sharing my "deep" thoughts or feelings just because as open as I am with a lot of things in my life the way I feel about my self is something I don't like to talk about much. I struggle to feel like I am doing everything the way that I should and wonder what I should be doing better, and constantly am second guessing myself when it comes to the way I do everything from raising my kids, keeping my house, and serving in my calling. I have enough critics that let me know I am doing things wrong (even if they don't say it to my face), to know someone doesn't agree. But I have to get to that point where I am ok with who I am. Most of the time I am ok, but and know that I am doing the best I can just like everyone else and what other people say shouldn't effect me but as much as I was taught that "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" I hate to say it but THEY DO! They hurt more! But I am finding the strength and the power to move on, love myself and know that "I am who I am and that's all that I am" (I think Popeye said that) Anyway I am going to close my rant because it is long and I need to stop before I say something I shouldn't Although I have shared more then I think I ought to because It was just tooo much! I am debating on even publishing this.

Friday, August 22, 2008


All we have been up to!

So it has been a while since I have done a real post to say what we have been up to. For a few reasons really. #1 We have been busy, B. I have been struggling to keep my sanity the last few weeks of summer (there is a lot more to this that I won't rant about right now!), and #3 We are busy getting ready for school!!!! D. Did I mention that I am the Primary President and when I am not out of town I feel like I am just barely treading water getting things taken care of for that and in between the summer rush of no teachers..... I have been writing our Sacrament program, trying to make plans for the next year.... I won't go into it all. I love doing it it just requires time and I figured my blog would wait! SO here I am with a few minutes in between packing for our camping trip tonight to put a few things on.... It might be disorganized because I really am packing in between thoughts. First off on the 2nd Friday of August we had a Ben and Donna Workman (these are my grandparents on my Father's side) Family reunion. They have only done this a few times so I was soooo excited to go and spend some time with My cousins. Not even close to 1/2 of us were there but I did get to see a few I don't see often. But there are some I get to see every time we go Prineville but I have to say these are some of my favorite people. I laugh more and harder when I am with them then I do any other time. So here are a few pictures of the goings on!

Lyn made this pinata for the Family reunion. The kids had a ton of fun busting it open and of course a few of us "big kids" got in on some of the action.
Here is Amelia hitting the pinata.
Lyn wanted to write "take a whack at Weazie" on the bottom of it . (this is a line from Steal Magnolia) We all laughed and thought it was funny so my kids repeated the line over and over and over and over and over and over for the next few days! It was great! THANKS LYN!
There were three legged races. We are pretty competitive as a family so this is always lots of fun! There is always some cheating involved (always in good fun!) My kids had fun with this one. There was also potato sack races. They were pretty funny!!! My question is does it count if you put each leg in their own sack???? LYN!!! Totally cheating! But I didn't have to hold my sack up either so is that cheating (I didn't have to hold it because the sacks were "small" and my hips are NOT!") We also had some marshmallow guns and so there was a marshmallow war "for the kids." But Amy and I didn't think they were doing it right so we got in on it. Unfortunately I was not a good example and started putting them in my mouth and then shooting them out the pipe... This means the stick really well to what ever they are shot at!!! Thank you Angela, Ethan, Lyn, and Amy for being such good targets!!! HEE HEE HEE (this is my evil laugh!)

Here are all the little kids that attended. Some of them are great grand kids, some of them are great great grand kids of Ben and Donna. I know there is a different term for that for all you Family History Buffs out there but I am not up on all that so there you go. And sadly I don't know all the kids names for sure. I will give it a try. Anyone reading who knows them and I don't feel free to correct me! From right to left Hayden (mine) I am not sure the name but he is Amber's (I think) Hyrum (my Brother Sunny's son) Amelia (mine) Brooklyn (Sarah's), Brock (Mine), Hyrum (Sunny's) Joey (Amber's I think), Ethan (mine), Brogan (Sarah's), Johnnie (Sunny's), Tyler (my cousin Jay's)
My Project

So I went to spend part of a week with my mom in Prineville to try to save my sanity , hey it is the end of summer! I needed a change and a break, not sure I got it. Anyway I asked my mom to teach me how to follow a pattern while I was there. She made one jumper for Amelia and I did this one for Hayden. They match and look totally cute in them. Maybe I will take pictures of them in them Sunday!
While in Prineville we spent 2 days at the lake. It was HOT while we were there and we were trying to keep the kids cool and occupied. We had a lot of fun swimming the first day. The second time we went Larry brought the boat so Ethan got to show off his water skiing skills. Plus we spent a lot of time on the tubes! Way fun! Larry skied also but I have had a problem with my grip. I have only skied 2 or 3 times this summer. I do have enough strength for the wake board though. Not that I can do much with it but I can get up on it for a while. It was fun thought! I spent a lot of time on the tube with the kids! I paid for it for a few days afterwards!
This picture is Angela with MaQuarie (hope I spelled that right!) He is Sam and Jenniann's baby.
Ethan and Johnnie loved swimming out to the floaties!

Brock and Johnnie on the tube. All the kids took a turn except for Brigham. He is not a big fan of the water. I'm glad he will ride on the boat after the first time I took him for a ride on the boat and it was REALLY Scary!!!! (a long story but let me just say the boat was AIR BORN! We jumped a wave!!!)
Mr. Cool I mean Hyrum
Grandma and Amelia swimming. The kids loved these floaties my mom bought!!
Proof that I was there! My mom took my camera and took a few pictures of me. I made sure nothing but my head showed. Although it was a good thing I had my sunglasses on because I had another infection! I think Bacteria really likes me lately! First my kidney infection and then I spend a week with an eye that won't stop watering. Once it started hurting so bad I couldn't stand it any longer I went to the ER in Prineville to get some relief. Come to find out I had a kind of rare infection in my Tear duct. It plugs it so it won't let your tears drain to your nose (they way they are suppose to) and you are crying all the time from the infected eye. They gave me some good meds to knock it out and with in a few days I was feeling much better. I am still on the meds though!! They told me if it didn't stop tearing they would have to do surgery and drill out the blockage! GROSS! Luckily I am not longer crying! So here is my update maybe now I can go get packed for our next adventure!
p.s. for those of you who caught that at the beginning of my post I used #1,B,#3, and D this is because in Home Alone the big Brother does it and I think it is funny! Plus is shows how scattered I really am! Hope you enjoyed my update!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The award goes too...

Priss & Polish Nominated me for this award Thanks!

Priss & Polish

We Nominate
She always makes me laugh!!!
This has been such a fun way to keep in touch and see her kids!
She inspires me with the amazing crafts and fun stuff she is doing!
She takes amazing pictures and again I love getting to keep in touch this way!
Julia and Logan
I went to school with Logan and have only met Julia once or twice but she cracks me up! I love their blog!
Great pictures and great friends!
Inspirational and fun! You gotta love All the Ditto's!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ethan's pictures

Ethan's pictures from vacation
Ethan got his own kids camera for Christmas and he loves taking pictures with it! He took lots of pictures on vacation but a bunch ended up getting erased. No one knows how.... So I thought I would post the ones he did get just because he is so proud of himself.Uncle Scott
The boats tied up in the cove. (beautiful mountains in the back ground)
Aunt Annette and Dwight
Cute chubby baby Dwight
Dotty (although I think this one was at home)
If you look closely you can see Deer ears poking up in the grass. They came to visit us every night. The kids and my husband loved this part of the evening. Trying to see how close they would come, or how close you could get.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beach Bums!

The Beach
I have been wanting to take the kids to the beach all summer and figured now was the time. I check the weather. It said mid 70's.... we all know how accurate they are but I was hopeful! We got there and it was foggy and cool. Probably closer to mid 60's. But it warmed up some and probably got to be about 73 or maybe 75 deg. At least it wasn't windy! But it was pleasant enough! We called some friends to go with us the night before (thanks Bevans!) Which always makes it more fun! I packed a lunch and put dinner in the crock pot so I would have now worries the whole day!!! (I know so smart :) ha ha. I think we all had fun and it was nice to just sit and visit with a friend
Ethan collecting seashells for his collection.
Claire and Hayden playing together in the sand. They were getting a little cheesy for Allison's camera! It was kind of funny!
Sophia, Amelia, Jannelle, and Ethan playing in the waves!
Amelia was enjoying the "warm" water in the little river that runs down to the ocean.
Hayden did NOT like the sand on her hands and feet when we first got there she was always brushing it off and wouldn't walk on the loose sand. But by lunch she was eating with sand all over her hands. (typical!) At least she didn't do what she does in the dirt and sand at home, dump a shovel full on her head. I don't know how I would have gotten that out there!!!
A cute shot of all the kids digging "the hole"They had fun just digging. They never built a castle just dug! Fun! I did build 6 turtles, each on representing a person from our family. I didn't take a picture before they were destroyed though. Oh well.
Brock loving the sand!

Steamed Up!

The ice cream!!!
We found this cool old jeep with something special in the window!!
There is a parade and every loud tractor that came by Hayden got excited and pointed!
We got to ride on the really cute little train!
This weekend Larry thought it would be fun to take the kids to the "Great Steam Up." They do this every year in Brooks. We have gone before but it hasn't been since Amelia was about 6 months old. The boys love it and are so excited to see all the cool old tractors, trains, trucks.... But I think us girls were there for the old fashioned ice cream. They make it right there with steam powered ice cream makers. More then anything it is really yummy!!! It is always very loud but fun. At least this year it wasn't 100 deg while we were there! I think my dad and brothers would love this place too. All the cool old farm stuff. One guy told us it takes about 2 1/2 hours to get the tractors all steamed up to pressure so they will drive! Pretty amazing! Now they turn a key and off they go! Aren't we lucky.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I saw this on a friends blog.
Here are the Directions.

1. As a comment on my blog leave on memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instruction on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty cool (and funny) to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume your playing the game and I 'll come to your blog and leave on about you!