Thursday, June 30, 2011

Theme day Thursdays

Hayden and her mask!

This year just before school got out I had this idea that I would do Theme day Thursdays all Summer. I would come up with something that would be the theme and we would eat things that have to do with the theme, do crafts and activities that have to do with the theme. Today we had banana muffins for breakfast along with bananas on our cereal, or banana cereal. I was going to make Monkey bread but I have a Relief Society activity I have to go to. We made these Monkey crafts, cleaned the living room while acting like Monkeys and tonight before they go to bed I will read them a Monkey book (Curious George.) We might have to do 5 little monkeys jumping on a bed too! This one was low key but our teeny tiny day I have planned for next week will be over the top! It should be fun! It think it will be fun just to mix it up a bit in the middle of the week. Thursday's are pretty boring normally!
The Monkey Masks and Brock's puppet. He never wants to do the craft the way I show. Today he wanted to do something totally different. I don't care we are just having fun. But he informed me that he hates monkey crafts (that is until he found a way to make it all his own!!!)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Girls Camp!

Girls camp was a lot of fun! It flew right by! It was full of games, laughing, pranks, and testimony building experiences! Let's be honest I worked hard on filling it with pranks. Allison and I had a good time teaching the girls the art of a good prank. There were fake snakes, spiders, and a mouse tied to fishing line to the bathroom doors, there were stolen clothing thrown in the lost and found so that others would have to dance to get it back, and there was a bra on the flag pole! There would have been more if I had been faster then Allison! But she got me. It was all fun! The ride home was full of Chinese fire drills... I still hurt, and am still tired but hopefully I will catch up on sleep soon... Oh girls camp I can't wait for next year! But I will need new pranks before then... HMMMM back to the drawing board!

Girls headed to games.

Muddy Sophia!

My muddy Beehive girls!

I love how Kierra looks like she isn't sure about this... She loved it!

First day at camp they played monster games. This was the volleyball one. I didn't get pictures of the soccer game or the kickball game because I was playing too!

Swimming Lessons take 2!

Monday I did get some pictures since I wasn't leaving for girls camp till Tuesday. Only thing is Ruth was such a wiggle, running, screaming child that I didn't get any pictures of Ethan or Brock. Everytime I tried she would run to the water. So we went out side the fence so she could play on the bike rack in safty!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Swimming lessons!

Ok I am lame AGAIN! My 4 older kids are all taking swimming lessons for 2 weeks. I kept forgetting to take my camera and then figured Oh well they have another week of it.... oops I won't be here next week to watch Grandma will be here with the kids while I am at Girls Camp with the Young women from our church. So... again sorry no pictures. But here is another mental picture of Hayden being very brave for her swim teacher, blowing bubbles, going under the water and jumping off the side of the pool (all things she does not do with me! She is more cautious then any of our other kids.) Picture Brock and Amelia doing a great job learning how to side breath, float, and doing a great job and swimming! Ethan is learning all kinds of new strokes and is even learning how to do flip turns! (I can't even do that!) Then here is the best mental picture yet. Picture Ruth constantly kicking and squirming to get away from me, flashing her cutest smile the second she is free and then running as fast as her little legs will carry her to the water (almost falling in if I am not faster then her!) Then picture by day 3 me giving up and sitting outside the fence to watch and her walking yes I am not joking or exaggerating walking between the bars of the bike rack! Then finding that there is a DOOR that goes through the pool house onto the pool deck! Yes the last 15 minutes of that lesson were spent chasing her out of there!!! I then found I should just shut the door (even thought they like it propped open!) That is what we have been doing this passed week. Around the lessons I have been doing all I can to prepare for girls camp... I leave Tuesday morning. I think it will be a lot of fun and look forward to spending the time with my Young Women. I will miss my family tons. Every time I am snuggling Ruth, getting sticky hugs, or listening to her jabber (which she does A LOT lately) I think of how I will miss her little sounds and all that! It will be fun though to! I was sad I couldn't go last year because Ruth was still a baby and nursing and I wanted to go be with my girls, so I am excited to go with them this year! My kids are going to have lots of fun with Grandma! I will post what ever pictures I have next week... It will be a different set of faces, and fun stories I am sure!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ruth's "18" month pictures

Ok so Ruth is technically 20 months last Thursday.... But I hadn't gotten her 18 month pictures done yet. My amazing friend did a special last week and I jumped at the chance. Ruth was a little slow to warm up but did ok. She was pretty tired by the end but I am SOOOO happy with the pictures! Julia you ROCK! I couldn't choose just one or 2 to post so here is a look at my beautiful baby Ruth!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Yard Sale find!

I have coveted these when I have seen other women find these at garage sales on their blogs and wanted one of "my" own! When I bought it I thought... my husband might not be as excited as I am because I have already filled his shop with my projects for the Holiday Bazaar and other home projects with stuff I have picked up... but he was actually excited when he saw them and was even more thrilled when I told him what I paid! He will NOT let me paint them. Which is fine by me I love the rustic feel, and I already have SO many paint projects to do I don't have time to think about it now anyway. I will give them a good polish with some wood soap and polish though. Once I get the girls "new" room all put together I will post pictures. Which won't be till the end of summer probably! We picked up an awesome House bunk bed last weekend at a garage sale (also one of my paint project that I need to do). So I am envisioning setting up their little house area on one side and their little school on the other. I can hardly wait! I think they are excited too!

Ruth's first pony tail!

I was so excited when last Saturday I could do this with Ruth's hair! SO CUTE!

Friday, June 3, 2011

First "hot" day = slip and slide!

Ruth loves to be outside. This weather makes it even more fun!

Brock got this slip and slide for his birthday. He has been dying to take it out and try it! FINALLY it was warm enough to break it out! They had a lot of fun, for about 15 minutes. Well worth it though!

I have to admit that I laughed when this happened! Hayden ran on the slip and slide and fell. Classic!

Popsicle tongue!

School Assembly

The school was having their last assembly of the year and showcased some of the skills the kids learned in the circus trick unit of PE. I was very impressed!

Kids balancing act!

These were some of the jugglers. I was so impressed with all the kids skills! I couldn't do half the things these kids were doing!

Brock doing his "circus trick" These are called a Duck walk. They rock back and forth and they move forward. It was pretty cute. I think I totally want one, they look like a great work out for the inner thigh!

Preschool graduation

Hayden let Ruth try on her Graduate hat! SO cute! We had a fun little party for the kids we did preschool with. We had lunch and then gave them all diplomas and hats.

Hayden and her best friend Claire!

The graduating class of Mommy & Me preschool year of 2011! (minus one Mr. M, who was sick :( )

Hayden's year ended the same way it started. A pouty face girl in the group shot. She pouted the first day because she wanted to be by Claire and NOT Ian, This time it was she wanted to be by Claire and we took to long getting everyone rearranged for that to happen. Then she had to keep the face just to keep up the act. I had to try pretty hard to keep up the act!