Friday, June 10, 2011

Yard Sale find!

I have coveted these when I have seen other women find these at garage sales on their blogs and wanted one of "my" own! When I bought it I thought... my husband might not be as excited as I am because I have already filled his shop with my projects for the Holiday Bazaar and other home projects with stuff I have picked up... but he was actually excited when he saw them and was even more thrilled when I told him what I paid! He will NOT let me paint them. Which is fine by me I love the rustic feel, and I already have SO many paint projects to do I don't have time to think about it now anyway. I will give them a good polish with some wood soap and polish though. Once I get the girls "new" room all put together I will post pictures. Which won't be till the end of summer probably! We picked up an awesome House bunk bed last weekend at a garage sale (also one of my paint project that I need to do). So I am envisioning setting up their little house area on one side and their little school on the other. I can hardly wait! I think they are excited too!

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Julia Shinkle said...

Cute Amanda! I have desk sort of like those that I bought at an antique store that I am itching to do a photo shoot with. What a great find you have there!