Thursday, June 30, 2011

Theme day Thursdays

Hayden and her mask!

This year just before school got out I had this idea that I would do Theme day Thursdays all Summer. I would come up with something that would be the theme and we would eat things that have to do with the theme, do crafts and activities that have to do with the theme. Today we had banana muffins for breakfast along with bananas on our cereal, or banana cereal. I was going to make Monkey bread but I have a Relief Society activity I have to go to. We made these Monkey crafts, cleaned the living room while acting like Monkeys and tonight before they go to bed I will read them a Monkey book (Curious George.) We might have to do 5 little monkeys jumping on a bed too! This one was low key but our teeny tiny day I have planned for next week will be over the top! It should be fun! It think it will be fun just to mix it up a bit in the middle of the week. Thursday's are pretty boring normally!
The Monkey Masks and Brock's puppet. He never wants to do the craft the way I show. Today he wanted to do something totally different. I don't care we are just having fun. But he informed me that he hates monkey crafts (that is until he found a way to make it all his own!!!)

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