Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independance Day!

We LOVE the 4th in our small town. It is a BIG deal here! Everything shuts down for the day, everyone is out and there is a big party! We party from sun up to sun down. We start every 4th at the church for a flag raising and cinnamon rolls! Then we head off to the children's parade. This is basically all the kids in town show up ready to walk, ride, or what ever down the main street in town. This is the "opening act" to the bigger town parade. My kids love participating in this here is a picture of them lined up for that!
This is the only way we could keep Ruth out of the middle of the road and this only worked for a short time. In a chair with candy!

The "big kids" waiting for the parade!
This was Amelia's fancies hair to date! It is a flag and I am sorry the picture isn't as clear as I thought it was when I took it but if you look close the upper left has tiny buns that make the stars of the flag and then there are 6 french braids making the stripes. It wasn't to bad to do and we copied the idea from my favorite hair blog! But she got lots of comments and it held up really well which I was actually worried about! Hayden actually let me do a star in hers with pigtails but sorry no picture!
After the parade we always throw a big BBQ for all our friends. Her is a great picture of the "rescue mission!" Ethan was being super smart and was walking on the top of our back fence... then what do you know he fell over into a GIANT patch of blackberries! It was quiet the event! Larry had to lift a latter over and wedge it down so he could climb back out. No major injuries just a lot of scratches. He will live, although he tried to milk it for the rest of the day!There was a lot of other excitement too. Some water fights... I got Larry with a water balloon, tried to get Neal with one, then they threw me in the pool... A bunch of other people ended up getting wet on accident... you know the story it is hot there is water around and adults who never really wanted to grow up, that is the way we roll! It was a lot of fun and a lot of great food! We look forward to doing it again next year. But we weren't done yet! When the sun goes down the next party starts!
This picture pretty much sums it up. Ruth is NOTHING like Hayden and LOVES the fireworks. She would cry till you gave her another sparkler. She had a great time!

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