Thursday, July 28, 2011

Theme Day Thursdays

Today's theme was GIANT day! (We had already done teeny tiny....) I made them GIANT pancakes. As big as their plates, gave them all a GIANT glass to drink out of (don't worry I didn't fill them!) Yes I know there are no pictures of the boys that is because they were busy being mad about something... I can't even remember what it was. Oh I remember I took away ALL The Lego's this morning because they were fighting over A piece AGAIN! So they all got boxed up and will be sitting in the garage till further notice!

In the afternoon we went to a GIANT party at the library. (It was the end of the summer reading program party but there were more then 100 people there so that is pretty big!) It was fun and all the kids won free tickets for a meal (they used them for dinner!)After the GIANT party I made GIANT cookies. Just for perspective that is a dinner plate it is sitting on. That means that cookie is about 6 inches across. Larry got home late tonight and saw them and said, "HOLY COOKIES!" Yeah that is right! But no one at a whole cookie... although I think Ruth came the closest!

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