Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beach Trip with our Workman Cousins

We spent Saturday at the beach in Lincoln City with our Workman cousins. It was a lot of fun. It was a bit chilly... ok normal for the beach. But it didn't rain and we had sunshine. The kids had a blast playing in the little river, and getting very sandy! (Well everyone but Ruth more on that later!)
Here is Hyrum digging! This kid cracks me up!

This is after I covered Brock with sand. They all liked this for some reason...

Ruth isn't a fan of wind... or SAND! She doesn't like her feet or hands to get dirty. She spent the first half of the day on my lap, I got her to lay snuggled up by Hayden for a bit then while I was covering Brock up I look over and what do I see.....

After that she was just running around, I even caught her army crawling in the sand!!! Where did that come from!? Why wouldn't she do it before... alas she only spent the last hour or less playing really good in the sand! Maybe next time she will remember she doesn't hate it!

Cute Reagan in the sand! She is so cute I could eat her up! We had fun having 2 babies around. (ok she isn't a baby she is 2)I had to put this one up I liked it so much the kids running back after playing in the waves a bit!
We ended their visit for the weekend by swapping kids. Johnnie stayed with us and Brock went to Prineville with the cousins. I hope he is having fun. We are keeping Johnnie busy doing his jobs and doing fun stuff every day! It is nice having a 12 year old girl in the house (especially because she is not MY daughter so she is super helpful, kind and doesn't cause trouble!) I hope Brock is being as good to Aunt Angela as Johnnie is to me! Oh wait he can't babysit... so nope I win! Miss you though Brock, I keep feeling like someone is missing!

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