Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Missed a few things.... Catch up

So I am going to go backwards in time in this post. I haven't posted in WAAAAY to long and want to touch on a few of the things we have been up to. The problem is I just never sit down at my computer any more so I don't get to this much. But today I was working on some contracts for the bazaar and finished up and realized I hadn't done this yet so here we go....

 These pictures are from a performance my dance camp and past dancers did on the 5th of July. It was a lot of fun to do some old pieces and do some fun new group pieces. At summer camp we learned dances to "Dance With Me Tonight" "Roar" and "Feeling Good" We also performed some tap pieces from before and some Jazz from last year. It was lots of fun! And HOT!

 4th of July was a blast! I realized late in the day that I hadn't even touched my camera. This happens a lot lately! We started our day with flag raising at the church and cinnamon rolls, the Parade and then a huge BBQ at our house! We counted later and there had been around 75 people in and out that day. There were lots of Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and chicken eaten that day! And LOTS of fun. The Pool needed about 100 gallons added to it afterwards too!

 Last weekend in June we wanted to go boating but the weather was going to be yucky so we decided to use our Wildlife Safari Tickets we bough on Groupon. We have been before but Ruth was tiny last time we went so it was all new to her.  Getting to drive right up to the animals is way cooler then walking all day to MAYBE see something in a cage!

 Yes that bear is eating what it looks like he is eating!
 This is the first time we have gone when they had feeding cups and since our Groupon tickets included it we did it. It was lots of fun getting the deer and emu to come eat out of our hands.

 First week in June my oldest "graduated" from 8th grade. He is now officially a High Schooler! I don't like that that makes me feel OLD! I'm proud of his hard work though.

 Also in the first week of June we had another dance recital. This one was a Lilo and Stitch theme. It was so much fun doing choreography to Elvis music. We even got to do a HULA for the grand finale.

 Brock turned 12 the end of May. May 22nd that is. He had a pretty quiet birthday since we were so busy. I felt really bad that the only time we could do a birthday party none of his friends could come. It was kind of sad but he was thrilled with the present he got. He had been asking for a telescope since Christmas. Larry had done a lot of shopping around and found the perfect one. They have got to spend a few nights looking at the moon and stars and he loves it. He is hoping to work on his Astronomy merit badge for Scouts too.

 We also did an over night trip to the beach in May. It was pretty stinky weather (shocker). So we went to the Marine Center. We love that place it is free and they have some pretty cool stuff.

 We spent about 15 minutes on the beach and were so covered in sand from the wind we moved on.
 Beverly Beach is one of our favorite places to camp at the beach. There is a fun nature trail, easy access to the beach and these awesome trees!

 Easter was way back in April. I made these skirts and ties for the kids. I was pretty excited . I had never done ties before and I got lots of practice with my zipper foot doing these skirts. I did some for my nieces and nephew too.

 Ruth Dancing of Course!!! I hardly ever get a still shot of that girl!
 Amelia did spring Volleyball and loved it of course. She has improved so much. They only lost one game all season.

 This is from Hayden's spring concert for school. What a cute Giraffe. My nephew Hyrum is the elephant above.

 Also in March I took a trip to Utah with a few of my Young Women. It was such a fun trip! We saw lots of fun things. Shopped, ate yummy things, laughed a LOT, and got to go to the Women's Broadcast. It was incredible!

 This was our March recital.We did music from Princess Diaries. The girls did a beautiful job and I am loving getting to do this with my girls!

 Ethan turned 14 in March!!!! Unbelievable! He asked for Lemon pie. YUMMM!!! He actually didn't ask for any presents. Not because he didn't want anything, but I think he wanted something he thought there was NO WAY we were going to get him. Man was he shocked when not only did he get the new movie he wanted but he got a CELL PHONE! The funny thing was he was opening it and I called it so it was ringing in the box he thought it was my phone ringing. He was pretty excited. He loves it and I am loving getting to give him a little freedom because he can call and check in. It helps when I am waiting for that BUS every time there is a track meet too. No more waiting just a call when they get close.

So we have been busy just not documenting as well as I should. maybe I can get some more of our summer in here soon....