Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bit of what's up....

I love my little girl! She is 22 months and look what she can do!!! All 3 of my girls got this job done about this age. As soon as she started showing interest and knowledge of what was going on we jumped on it and here she!!! She still has accidents but for the most part she is telling me when she needs to go! Just imagine when I never buy diapers again... (I still buy diapers for bed time but one diaper in a day is a huge cut back!!! ) YEAH!
The panties are fitting better now that they have been washed but still saggy... Poor baby, but that is what happens when you are a peanut and you potty train!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy Summer stuff catch up!!!

Ok so I am way behind but we have been so busy having fun I haven't had time to post... not that anyone cares because I am certain no one but myself reads this. So anyway here is a wrap up! of the last 2+ weeks. The cousins came we went to the beach... then we decided to swap kids and sent Brock to Prineville with his cousins and we kept Johnnie. We had lots of fun going to the pool, going to the $1 movie in Salem, got school shoes for Ethan, and for theme day while Johnnie was here we had Art day!
On art day I made pancakes and the kids decorated them into really cool art... this one I think was Johnnie's flower! We used sprinkles, fruits, jams, M&M's, Peanut Butter....
For our field trip day we went to the Gilbert House. It was lots of fun too. They have a new exhibit. An animal hospital the kids all had a great time!
Friday night we packed up the car and drove to Prineville to switch back kids and take the cousins boating in Prineville. We try to go once every summer to take the kids boating and they all had a great time (well all but Angela who gets motion sick!)
Here is Ethan showing his cousins Brigham and Hyrum how to water ski (always willing to show off!)
After Brock showed off his knee boarding skills Brigham tried it! He did a great job and got up first time out!!! Way to go!
Here are the girls (minus Reagan) Johnnie tried water skiing and is getting really close she is getting up but still working on getting control of the skis I was so impressed with how hard she tried and didn't want to give up! After her brother knee boarded so easily she thought she would give that a go too! She did a great job at that too! She loved the tube! (who doesn't!) We had a great week with Johnnie!
At the end of our day we were boating across the lake and we saw this! He was eating something dead and let us get really close. We were still on the boat but we could have thrown a rock at him we were so close!
The week after all this the batteries in my camera were dead and I kept forgot to get new ones. For theme day we did Dino Day and I make dinosaur shaped pancakes, the kids played with dinosaurs (Brock's) and played with dinos in the play dough. I made dino poop cookies for snacks too. (They were those chocolate no bake cookies!) For dinner we ate like pterodactyls. (fish and vegetables) While they were busy doing some dino stuff I have spent my entire week painting and rearranging their bed rooms. The boys moved to the girls room and all 3 girls moved the the boys old room and the nursery will be my new craft room... I am still not done. I am very tired and it has taken me ALL week! I am sure it will take a full week still to get everything done! I will post pictures of the rooms when they are done. The girls are almost done I just have one decor thing I want to make and the boys just need a tiny bit of paint... (which I forgot to buy while I was at Walmart today so I will have to go back tomorrow!!!) The craft room needs all my craft stuff taken upstairs and organized but I still have to get all the baby stuff out of their. I will be doing a garage sale this weekend to get rid of it all so that hopefully I will have the money I want to get the stuff I want to organize the new closet down stairs (it won't have craft stuff in it anymore so it will become the "mud room") All exciting stuff! It will feel like a whole new house and I only had to move... everything. But it will be fun when it is done. I have also started painting a few of my crafts for the Gentle House Bazaar! I am getting very excited for it but feeling like I better get a move on I have lots to do and am running out of time!!!! Better run and get more done! There is still laundry to do, house to keep up, a triathlon to train for, rooms to finish paining, crafts to make, dinner to make.... oh and Ethan is gone to scout camp this week so my muscle help is gone getting things up and down the stairs will be much harder!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beach Trip with our Workman Cousins

We spent Saturday at the beach in Lincoln City with our Workman cousins. It was a lot of fun. It was a bit chilly... ok normal for the beach. But it didn't rain and we had sunshine. The kids had a blast playing in the little river, and getting very sandy! (Well everyone but Ruth more on that later!)
Here is Hyrum digging! This kid cracks me up!

This is after I covered Brock with sand. They all liked this for some reason...

Ruth isn't a fan of wind... or SAND! She doesn't like her feet or hands to get dirty. She spent the first half of the day on my lap, I got her to lay snuggled up by Hayden for a bit then while I was covering Brock up I look over and what do I see.....

After that she was just running around, I even caught her army crawling in the sand!!! Where did that come from!? Why wouldn't she do it before... alas she only spent the last hour or less playing really good in the sand! Maybe next time she will remember she doesn't hate it!

Cute Reagan in the sand! She is so cute I could eat her up! We had fun having 2 babies around. (ok she isn't a baby she is 2)I had to put this one up I liked it so much the kids running back after playing in the waves a bit!
We ended their visit for the weekend by swapping kids. Johnnie stayed with us and Brock went to Prineville with the cousins. I hope he is having fun. We are keeping Johnnie busy doing his jobs and doing fun stuff every day! It is nice having a 12 year old girl in the house (especially because she is not MY daughter so she is super helpful, kind and doesn't cause trouble!) I hope Brock is being as good to Aunt Angela as Johnnie is to me! Oh wait he can't babysit... so nope I win! Miss you though Brock, I keep feeling like someone is missing!