Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wild Life Safari

Thursday we went to the zoo with the family and on the way home Larry and I were talking about how much fun it was and how much Hayden and Amelia would love the Wild Life Safari. We hadn't been since Amelia was a baby. More then 3 years ago. We thought maybe we could squeeze it in before the kids go back to school. We checked the weather and thought maybe we could pull it off. So Friday I threw some clothes in the kids pillow cases and some food in the camper and as soon as Larry got off work we drove down to Winston and camped at the little Wild Life Safari camp ground so that we could go through first thing in the morning. The kids were suprised that we planned a little get a way with out them knowing, and they got to go do something really fun with out knowing ahead of time! They had changed a few things since the last time we had been there. Now they have Car washes by the Elephants. It is funny they have signs all over and they say gaurenteed not to get your car clean. Out kids really wanted an elephant car wash but we were not about to pay $20 for a "car wash" It was fun watching them wash someone elses car.

We drove around the park one time first thing in the morning. We never saw the Hippo and the kids were sad that we didn't see "Gloria". Although when we said we didn't see the Hippo Brock reminded us that I was in the car so we had the hippo with us. I guess that is what I get for saying I am a hippo all the time anyway... Little stinker! So when we drove around the second time before we left we got to see the hippo and they were all very excited to see it floating with a duck sitting on his back.

Here is a picture of Hayden. We call her a parrot all the time because she loves to repeat everything everyone says!

The clasic picture of the kids in our favorite sign at Wild Life Safari. Only our family has out grown the sign so they aren't all in at the same time....

We love the big cats. They are so pretty and so amazing! Hayden kept saying Roar to the Tigers and the Bears.

To quote Brock "these are the ones with the balls" We saw these cute little deer the first time around and noticed how they have little balls at the end of their antlers. On our way back through Brock reminded us that "these are the ones with the balls" Larry and I just smiled at each other and drove on....

The bears are always one of my favorites too. Especailly if they aren't sleeping. They were kind of playing and laying around the first time we went through and the second time they were eating a treat that the zoo keepers had given them. They were pretty funny.

Another of my favorites I love Giraffs. I think they are amazing. I probably said so in my zoo post but they are facinating to me!
When we were done we took the kids to the gift shop looking for something cheep and let them pick out little plastic animals. They could fill a little plastic tube with as many as they wanted for $5. So we let them each fill a tube. Hayden wanted the fuzzy stuffed Elephant though. Which is totally cute. It is just a beanie baby sized one and she totally loves it!!! She is so sweet with it, she had to have it to go to bed, eat dinner.... She has named him Fluffy. Pretty sweet.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Yesterday (Thursday) My mom, sister in law Angela, and her kids drove over just to spend the day at the Zoo with us. It was a lot of fun. The kids did pretty good, no one got lost, and until the end of the day when we had been walking for hours there wasn't much grouchieness. So you can't ask for much more with 9 kids in tow! The elephants were Hayden's favorite part. She still says so.

I thought I had a good picture of the baby Elephant but I guess I didn't. This one has a reflection in the glass... We loved the baby elephant. He was the last thing we saw. I guess we saved the best for last! He was really cute!

I took a self portait while I was there... Well at least this is how I feel!

I always am amazed by the giraffs. They are so big, and yet graceful... God makes amazing things!

Grandma is way nicer than mom and dad because usually when we go to the zoo we tell our kids no to everything extra and pack a lunch... Grandma doesn't want to pack a lunch and was willing to do all the extras. This kids got to feed the lorikeets and it was a lot of fun! They are such pretty birds and the kids had a lot of fun luring them over for some nectar! Thanks Grandma!

The Tiger was bring pretty lazy but I could get a picture of him with my zoom. The kids could hardly see him as he was sitting way in the back. They sure are pretty though.

The sea lions were putting on quiet a show! They were swimming right up to the glass and the kids would all go WOOOOOW! It was fun. We also got to see the trainer feed one of them and he was doing some pretty cool tricks. We all thought that was pretty cool.

This is what Amelia thought of the Penquin house. I think we all did though. STINKY!

The polar bears are pretty cool. This one kept pacing. He would back up go around the corner and start over. I couldn't tell if this was because he is board, stressed or he just liked doing it. But it was kind of funny he kept doing it over and over.

This is what Reagan thought of the whole thing! SNOOOZER. Just kidding. I think for such a small baby she really handled the whole thing well. She ate, slept, and was a happy baby. Not one complaint from her! I hope her ride home was as easy! She is a sweet baby! We can't thank Grandma enough for the treat and the kids all had a great time! We are so glad we got to do it with cousins!!! What a treat!

Pool Party



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Wed we were invited to a friends house to play in their pool and hang out! Unfortunatly Ethan was unable to attend due to some behavoir issues.... but the rest of us had a lot of fun! Brock told me that if they ever move we should buy their house because he loved it so much! We were so glad they invited us. It was lots of fun!

Monday, August 24, 2009

New Blog...

Ok so this isn't really meant for everyone else but I figured I could share some of my work if people are interested....
I have a note book that I started when Larry and I first got married, where I put all the recipes that I collect from other people, or places. Some of them are things my mom made when I was a kid and she gave me the recipes to get me started, and some are things from people from our ward here. Every time someone makes something I love I ask for the recipe and add it to my list. I like keeping track of who gave it to me too because I think of them every time I make their recipe. Anyway long story shortened... My book is starting to fall apart, and some of the pages have been spilled on enough that I really can't read them well or at all. They are getting transparent. So in order to save all my hard work of collecting recipes and in hopes of keeping them around longer I am following a good friends advice and putting them on a blog so I can keep track of them. I haven't entered everything yet. But for one afternoon I got a good start on it. If you are interested you are welcome to look through my files and try some. If not that is alright too. It is mostly for me but I thought I would share with those that are interested. Here is the link and I am going to add it to my side bar.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vacation take 7

Sorry I am having to make so many posts on our vacation. My computer isn't working quite right and I can't see the pictures or down load more then 4 at a time... So read at your own risk. At least they are short right. Anyway I had to post a few little clips I made because they crack me up!

vacation part 6




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Fishing is the other highlight of vacation! The Jones went a couple of times but they didn't have much luck. Larry finally found out where they were bitting but it was the day they left. So he took our older 3 to go catching! And man did they catch. They came back with over 50 fish!!! Larry told the kids to trick me and they came up the hill looking sad and said we only caught 4 or 5. Then I see Larry lugging a bucket like it is way to heavy and I knew there were more then 4 or 5 fish! They were thrilled. I had started dinner while they were gone and Amelia was pretty put out that she couldn't eat fish that night! She was very happy the next night when they had Fish for dinner! She ate like a pig, well that isn't much different then what her and Brock did all week! I think they both need x-rays to see if they have a hollow leg! I love the pictures I took the next day when we went back so that Hayden could catch one or two. We were going to just catch 10 so that Hayden could have a chance. We knew they would bite fast enough to keep a 2 year old excited and they didn't dissapoint. We ended up with close to 30 I think that time! What happened to only catching 10 I don't know! But They had a blast!

vacation take 5




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I was impressed that Amelia and Isaac loved the tubes too. They are so funny together. Isaac is like a Jack in the box even when it isn't bouncing him around he is jumping around in the tube. I don't think that boys is capable of sitting still. It is so cute! Emmalee and Amelia liked riding together too. Caleb tried water skiing too. I think he got up for a little while too. They all impressed me that they even wanted to try. They seem so young to be probably because I didn't learn how to do all this stuff till I was in High School. Which wouldn't have happened with out the wonderful Ditto Family! Way to go kids. Amelia also tried this year but on her very first attempt she went under the water and didn't let go for a second so she got drug under the water. This scared her so she only tried one other time after much bribery from her dad and I and she let go pretty quick this time. I am not going to push it though. She is only 5! It amazes me she wanted to at all!!! But I am sure she will do it next year. I am also quiet sure she only did it because of the competitiveness she has with Brock! The last picture is of Emmalee with Hayden. Hayden wasn't to hot with Emmalee at first but I knew she would warm up to her. By the second day Emmalee was saving me trips up the hill to the potty with Hayden. Which was sooooo wonderful for my mega pregnant body and ultra sore hips and legs!!! I was so glad that the Jones were able to join us again this year! We offered to keep Emmalee when they left but they wouldn't leave her with us. Bummer!

vacation take 4




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Brock learned how to water ski this year! It was very excting! He got up on his first try!!! He wouldn't stand up but he did great! It was cute watching him talk about now he is a professional! The second picture is Isaac Jones. I just love this little guy he cracks me up! He is always singing (I don't know where he gets it from... maybe his mom!!!) Plus he is always dancing around and being silly. I just love his little grins every time I point the camera at him!
All the kids love the tube. Brock and Jacob are in the first picture and then John and Jacob. John is an animal on the tube and it is pretty funny to watch! I think Jacob could get behind the boat and stay there all day. Jacob also learned to ski this year. We had 3 new skiers this year. (Brock, Jacob and Emmalee)

vacation part 3




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I took a chance and took a picture of Larry skiing while I was driving the boat! So it isn't the best one of him cutting hard but you get the point! He is great at skiing and loves doing it! If I had anther set of eyes and hands I would have gotten a better shot but alas I was driving!!! Oh well. I also got some cute shots of the kids over turning the cannoe. This is a favorite game of this kids since last year when John Jones taught the kids how to rock the boat till it filled with water and rolled over! They love doing this and beg him to do this with them! It is pretty funny. The game doesn't last long because they all get so excited and flip it fast. Then they spend the rest of the time trying to unswamp the boat. John also took the kids out on our new little raft, this was one of Hayden's favorites. We made smores the first night the Jone's got there. The kids were in heaven and the grown ups couldn't get far enough from the fire! (It had been over 100 deg that day!) Good thing the kids didn't want to get to close either!

Vacation part 2




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Hayden loves riding on the boat!!! Of course every one else did too. Even Dotty. Ethan learned to water ski last year on vacation and has become quiet good. He practiced crossing the wake and showing off skiing one handed, and leaning down to touch the water with the other hand while skiing. It is pretty funny watching him "show off!" Oh and the this was another one of Amelia's "catches" She found this tiny dead fish floating and spent a good hour playing with it. I finally talked her into giving it a grave... YUCK! What is with my princess and bugs and fish?

Vacation set 1




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These are pictures of the kids playing "horse shoes" You can tell Brock is very good at this game! Look at all those ringers! Hayden really liked it too! Larry was ringing them on Brock's neck... And Amelia has become quite the bug catcher! She was always catching grass hoppers and lady bugs!!!