Friday, August 28, 2009


Yesterday (Thursday) My mom, sister in law Angela, and her kids drove over just to spend the day at the Zoo with us. It was a lot of fun. The kids did pretty good, no one got lost, and until the end of the day when we had been walking for hours there wasn't much grouchieness. So you can't ask for much more with 9 kids in tow! The elephants were Hayden's favorite part. She still says so.

I thought I had a good picture of the baby Elephant but I guess I didn't. This one has a reflection in the glass... We loved the baby elephant. He was the last thing we saw. I guess we saved the best for last! He was really cute!

I took a self portait while I was there... Well at least this is how I feel!

I always am amazed by the giraffs. They are so big, and yet graceful... God makes amazing things!

Grandma is way nicer than mom and dad because usually when we go to the zoo we tell our kids no to everything extra and pack a lunch... Grandma doesn't want to pack a lunch and was willing to do all the extras. This kids got to feed the lorikeets and it was a lot of fun! They are such pretty birds and the kids had a lot of fun luring them over for some nectar! Thanks Grandma!

The Tiger was bring pretty lazy but I could get a picture of him with my zoom. The kids could hardly see him as he was sitting way in the back. They sure are pretty though.

The sea lions were putting on quiet a show! They were swimming right up to the glass and the kids would all go WOOOOOW! It was fun. We also got to see the trainer feed one of them and he was doing some pretty cool tricks. We all thought that was pretty cool.

This is what Amelia thought of the Penquin house. I think we all did though. STINKY!

The polar bears are pretty cool. This one kept pacing. He would back up go around the corner and start over. I couldn't tell if this was because he is board, stressed or he just liked doing it. But it was kind of funny he kept doing it over and over.

This is what Reagan thought of the whole thing! SNOOOZER. Just kidding. I think for such a small baby she really handled the whole thing well. She ate, slept, and was a happy baby. Not one complaint from her! I hope her ride home was as easy! She is a sweet baby! We can't thank Grandma enough for the treat and the kids all had a great time! We are so glad we got to do it with cousins!!! What a treat!

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