Tuesday, August 18, 2009

vacation take 4




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Brock learned how to water ski this year! It was very excting! He got up on his first try!!! He wouldn't stand up but he did great! It was cute watching him talk about now he is a professional! The second picture is Isaac Jones. I just love this little guy he cracks me up! He is always singing (I don't know where he gets it from... maybe his mom!!!) Plus he is always dancing around and being silly. I just love his little grins every time I point the camera at him!
All the kids love the tube. Brock and Jacob are in the first picture and then John and Jacob. John is an animal on the tube and it is pretty funny to watch! I think Jacob could get behind the boat and stay there all day. Jacob also learned to ski this year. We had 3 new skiers this year. (Brock, Jacob and Emmalee)


The Hawaiian Gards said...

Wow I can't believe Brock can water ski! He looks so cute!

Alli said...

That totally blows me away that a kid as young as Brock can figure out how to waterski!