Tuesday, August 18, 2009

vacation take 5




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I was impressed that Amelia and Isaac loved the tubes too. They are so funny together. Isaac is like a Jack in the box even when it isn't bouncing him around he is jumping around in the tube. I don't think that boys is capable of sitting still. It is so cute! Emmalee and Amelia liked riding together too. Caleb tried water skiing too. I think he got up for a little while too. They all impressed me that they even wanted to try. They seem so young to be probably because I didn't learn how to do all this stuff till I was in High School. Which wouldn't have happened with out the wonderful Ditto Family! Way to go kids. Amelia also tried this year but on her very first attempt she went under the water and didn't let go for a second so she got drug under the water. This scared her so she only tried one other time after much bribery from her dad and I and she let go pretty quick this time. I am not going to push it though. She is only 5! It amazes me she wanted to at all!!! But I am sure she will do it next year. I am also quiet sure she only did it because of the competitiveness she has with Brock! The last picture is of Emmalee with Hayden. Hayden wasn't to hot with Emmalee at first but I knew she would warm up to her. By the second day Emmalee was saving me trips up the hill to the potty with Hayden. Which was sooooo wonderful for my mega pregnant body and ultra sore hips and legs!!! I was so glad that the Jones were able to join us again this year! We offered to keep Emmalee when they left but they wouldn't leave her with us. Bummer!

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