Monday, August 17, 2009

Grandma Camp

The first week of August my kids all went and spent the week with Grandma and Grandpa Workman. They all had sooooo much fun! When I got there to pick them up they all talked a million miles a minute and all really loud, so they could tell me everything! I am so glad they had a good time and everyone had a good time! I thought I would post some of the pictures mom gave me! She sure kept them busy!Here are the girls petting Uncle Sam's horse Luna. Luna had a baby a little while ago and my girls love horses (or all animals at that!) At some point the horse did get a little close for comfort for Hayden though. She even says Luna's name it is pretty cute!
Grandma had to take them all to Dairy Queen the last day before we got there! The kids of course loved that! YUMMY! Hey I don't think I ate DQ once while my kids were gone! Oh wait I did try out "The Scoop" It is an ice cream shop here in town that opened a little over a year ago here and I hadn't been in yet. So one evening Larry and I went kid free and then went to music in the park.
I love Hayden's ice cream face!

Amelia with one of her most favorite cousins Lia. They got to play together a lot this week and loved it! Amelia is a year older but they play together so nicely! It is nice when you get to be friends with your cousins~

order=0>Grandma took the kids to the county fair! WEEEEE!

Hayden was too little to ride on any of the "rides" but the pony ride was her most favorite! Moms says she got the best smiles out of Hayden while she was on this pony!
I know Amelia loved it too! She is a My Little Pony girl! Now if only these horses were pink and purple too!
Ethan and Johnnie got to go on this really cool bouncer! Way fun! I love that Ethan is upside down in this one!
They had lots of fun hands on activities for the kids too!
It is never complete with out a picture like this!!! What kind of garden did these kids come from?

Some of the time they got to hang out by Grandma's pool, and play with squirt guns! They also got to shoot bebe guns!!! (Not Hayden though) The little boy in this picture is Hyrum my nephew. He is 4 1/2 and the funniest kid ever!

The kids got to go to a really cool aquatic center where there were tons of fun things to do! Can you tell Hayden is way excited! Don't be fooled she is!

Ethan on the water slide!
Baby Reagan, Aunt Angela, and Johnnie at the aquatic center! Everyone had a fun and safe time and my kids can hardly wait for next year!!!
On top of it all mom/grandma took them school shopping!!! What a huge huge help that was!!! All I have to do is get shoes, and school supplies!!! I did the supplies while they were gone so I could just get what was on the list with out the whining over the extra things that look like a lot of fun that they don't need.
I had a week full of DR appointments, kid free shopping for vacation stuff, and school supplies. I also got to get a pedicure, and craft till my fingers were glued together, then I washed them and kept going!!! I still have some to finish before the baby gets here so I will be ready for the bazaar but I made a huge dent in my list of to do's! It was amazing to watch movies I wanted to in the middle of the day an not have to rewind so I could hear what was said. I went craft shopping one evening with some girl friends and then out to dinner. And NO ONE wanted to eat any of my food all week oh and I didn't have to take anyone potty the minute I sat down to eat. It was very restful and I can never thank my mom enough for this time I had to recharge my batteries and remind my self that I do love being a mom, I do love my children, and taking care of myself is ok once and a while! It was a great week but I was excited to see my kids and hear all about how much fun they had. It brought me a lot of joy to hear about how much they loved it! My goal is to be just as much fun as a grandma that my grand kids would love to come play at my house for week and do all kinds of awesome stuff with them! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for putting up with the noise and business of my 4 kids (plus all the others that came over to help entertain them all.)


Kim said...

Aren't Grandma's great. That is great that you got a break and they got to have some fun adventures. I hope you are doing well, sorry we missed you at the BBQ it would have been fun to see you.


That is amazing. I am lucky to get grandma to see my kids once a year, let alone willingly take them. I hope I am that kind of grandma some day.