Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Up date

This weekend was so much fun! Friday we took the kids to Prineville for Grandma camp. We stayed Saturday and took everyone out on the boat in Prineville Res. It was a lot of fun! It was the first time my dad has been able to come out with us. The kids had soooo much fun with Grandpa throwing them overboard! They even "pushed" grandpa off once too. (ha ha) The only bad part was I got my camera out to take pictures of all the fun and found that my video card was at home in the reader!!! AHHHHH! So I have to pictures of all the fun. The kids had fun riding the tube, Ethan and Larry both water skied. And we all cooled off in the wonderful water! We got out just in time for the thunder and lightning storm to start. It was a beautiful storm and my kids were very impressed. We don't get those here very often. And I haven't seen one that big in a really long time! It was like God's fireworks! Way cool! Larry and I stayed till Sunday afternoon and then headed home with out the kids. I was soooo excited for this week to get some stuff done with out interruptions and a week free of whining and fighting... The farther we drove away I started to feel guilty, like maybe I shouldn't have been so excited, or maybe I shouldn't leave my children, especially Hayden. But I am feeling better about it this evening after getting a message from my mom. I knew they would have fun and they were just as excited as I was. So no more worries! They were all looking forward to this and I am glad that they love to be with Grandma and Grandpa so much. Plus I am so thankful for a mom who loves to do such fun things with my kids. I know she has a week planned of fun stuff. I will post pictures when they get back because I know my mom will send some. So my week is going to be jam packed! Today I went to my 29 week check up. I don't have diabetes! But I am anemic. Which is totally normal for me in my 3rd trimester. I have had this every time. So I will start my iron, and call it good. After the Dr visit. I did my normal pay day groceries shopping, and got home in the afternoon just in time to get my scrap projects started. I am excited about how much I have gotten done in just the few hours I worked on it today! Amazing how much you get done with out getting up a million times to get a drink for someone, take someone potty, get a snack.... Larry and I had a really quiet dinner where we could hear each other talk and not get interrupted at all. It was almost weird. Larry pounded the table a few times and whined that he needed to go potty just so we wouldn't feel to weird. The rest of my week will be filled with paper projects, a pedicure, and hopefully an afternoon at the movies! Oh and I will have to finish packing for vacation. But Larry and I will work on that in the evenings. Anyway Sorry no pictures again only boring journalling!

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