Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Perks!

The "Sweetest" thing happened yesterday (Nov 10) I was starting to fix dinner and there was a knock at my door! There were all the Activity Day girls standing their with a plate of cupcakes and a note just for me and my family! It was so nice! I just love those girls!!! Thanks so much for thinking of me girls! I told Larry this was the perks for being the Primary President. HA HA!

I wanted to share the smile these cupcakes put on my babies face since this was her first cupcake ever (one didn't have frosting on it so I let her have that one!)
p.s. Notice her pig tails! This was the first time I attempted to put them in! Pretty cute!!!!

Brock's "Family"

Brock has a very active imagination! He has invented this family and I just had to share it with someone because I think it is so cute! Labor Day weekend we went to the State Fair and Brock got this Snake, Grandma Lucy gave him the Bunny Rabbit Bank for his Birthday. So naturally Brock made them a family! The mom is the Bunny, of course! The snake is the Dad, and all moms and dads need babies so of course when you cross a snake and a rabbit you get baby Tonka Trucks! So here is the little family Brock created. He has had them living together like this since he got the snake in September! OH and they also needed a home so his Easter basket was the natural choice! He usually puts his blanket over the basket for the roof! Today he decided it should be the back drop. He even told me it was just like the place we go (JC Penny) I am glad he thinks my pictures are that good! Anyway after doing the "family" photos all his other toys wanted their pictures taken so they each got in on the photo shoot. I thought I would share some of this experience!
Brock and Eddi have been best buddies for more then 2 years now! Brock got him for his 3rd birthday from his Grandma Workman! One of his and my all time favorites!!! Eddi was in charge of the photo shoot after this. But Brock informed me that he talks quiet so he would whisper in Brock's ear and say who's turn was next to get their picture taken! Next!!!

M-I-C-K-E-Y - M-O-U-S-E

Bear was a gift from Aunt Emily
first Christmas,
the Cat in his stripy Jammie's was from Aunt Brenda when Hayden was born.
This Tigger was mine I think. Notice he is bouncing!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Charlote's Web!

I found this beautiful spider web in our back yard. It was really big. I personally HATE spiders. But I won't kill spiders I find out side. (Only in the house!) So I showed the kids this web and Ameila was convinced that it was Charlotte's Web. She sat watching it for a long time. It is so cute how she thinks all spiders are Charlotte. She only wants to kill them if they are in the house too... I don't remember ever telling her that but she is fine with them as long as they are not inside. What a sweet girl!


The other day the boys were playing outside and Hayden was sitting at the back door acting like she wanted out too. (She loves to be outside especially if it means getting in the swing!) So I took her out and put her in the swing. She was thrilled and squealed and laughed. I needed to go back in to stir spaghetti sauce I was cooking down to can and I heard her starting to fuss. I headed to the door and before I got there I heard her laughing! I peeked and saw this site! Brock was pushing her in the swing and playing with her and she was loving it!!! She laughed every time he would push. It was so sweet to see them
in such a fun way. It made me so happy as a mommy to see my kids playing together!
I tried getting a good Picture of Hayden smiling in the swing but they are tough to get a good picture of. But I thought this one was pretty good! She is such a Jolly baby! We all just love her to pieces!


This is the first year we have done CYS soccer. The boys love it! Ethan is really into it and I see him playing as hard as he can each game. The games get pretty exciting! Ethan's team has tied all of their games so far. Which is just as good as a win to Ethan (it isn't a lose!) Brock's team has won all of their games. He even blocked 2 goals at his last game! He was so proud of himself! I was so proud he was paying attention enough to stop the goals too! Amelia is always so good about watching the games, Hayden isn't a big fan of game day since the games are always during her morning nap. But we all have fun anyway! GO Team!!! Oh Brock's team chose their name to be the Hot Reds and Ethan is the Panthers. What fun!