Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Perks!

The "Sweetest" thing happened yesterday (Nov 10) I was starting to fix dinner and there was a knock at my door! There were all the Activity Day girls standing their with a plate of cupcakes and a note just for me and my family! It was so nice! I just love those girls!!! Thanks so much for thinking of me girls! I told Larry this was the perks for being the Primary President. HA HA!

I wanted to share the smile these cupcakes put on my babies face since this was her first cupcake ever (one didn't have frosting on it so I let her have that one!)
p.s. Notice her pig tails! This was the first time I attempted to put them in! Pretty cute!!!!


Alli said...

That couldn't have possibly been Nov 10, seeing as how it's only Oct 28... Don't worry about it, I know what you meant! So it's a good payoff, huh? Hours of primary responsibility for a plate of yummy cupcakes - wow, you're easy! I'd like to start paying you for babysitting in cupcakes from now on...or maybe meatballs :)

Amanda said...

Sorry all payments must be money or chocolate! I don't eat meatballs! But thanks for the laugh!