Friday, October 5, 2007

Charlote's Web!

I found this beautiful spider web in our back yard. It was really big. I personally HATE spiders. But I won't kill spiders I find out side. (Only in the house!) So I showed the kids this web and Ameila was convinced that it was Charlotte's Web. She sat watching it for a long time. It is so cute how she thinks all spiders are Charlotte. She only wants to kill them if they are in the house too... I don't remember ever telling her that but she is fine with them as long as they are not inside. What a sweet girl!


Kim said...

Fun to see the kiddos. Hayden look so much like Ethan and Amelia and Brock look so similar. It is fun to watch them grow and change. fun to see the soccer pictures makes me miss Monmouth. Hope all is well.

Alli said...

I hate spiders too, but there is definitely something gorgeous in the design of their webs. If cobwebs were so pretty, I might not clean the ceiling anymore :)