Friday, October 5, 2007


The other day the boys were playing outside and Hayden was sitting at the back door acting like she wanted out too. (She loves to be outside especially if it means getting in the swing!) So I took her out and put her in the swing. She was thrilled and squealed and laughed. I needed to go back in to stir spaghetti sauce I was cooking down to can and I heard her starting to fuss. I headed to the door and before I got there I heard her laughing! I peeked and saw this site! Brock was pushing her in the swing and playing with her and she was loving it!!! She laughed every time he would push. It was so sweet to see them
in such a fun way. It made me so happy as a mommy to see my kids playing together!
I tried getting a good Picture of Hayden smiling in the swing but they are tough to get a good picture of. But I thought this one was pretty good! She is such a Jolly baby! We all just love her to pieces!

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