Sunday, May 8, 2016


We love missionaries! We feed them at least 2 times a month. I've fixed pants, and shirts, and cut hair. Some of our missionaries we still keep in touch with through Facebook. Elder Woody (the really tall guy) has been here over 7 months, spent Christmas with us and had blessed our home over and over with his amazing spirit. His testimony radiates and I feel like I'm sending one of my boys off. Elder Poch is one of the Spanish speaking elders. We have them over less often because we share then with the other ward. But we love him as well. He gets along with Ruth so well. He also spent Christmas with us. We will miss them but look forward to hearing about all the good they will do where ever they go!

Licence to drive

Ethan passed his drivers test on April 28th. It was a very exciting day!

Pink eye and mothers day

Ruth missed an entire week of school due to pink eye. Neither of these pictures shows it at its worst. It was so bad for a while there was no white in her eye only red. On Monday when I told her she wasn't going to school she said,  "it's my lucky day! " only Ruth would think having pink eye was lucky. But after a week home with mom, getting drug to do my stuff. .. I think she may have a new appreciation for school. That, and she got to hear that her friends were learning about a lot of animals, as they are preparing for their field trip to the zoo. So I think she is excited to go to school Monday!
Today being mothers day, while I  was preparing to go to church, Ethan made breakfast.  We all sat down to eat and Brock passed out. I ran to catch him so he wouldn't fall off the bench. As I held him he started to jerk some. Larry and I thought he was having a seizure. He came to and we took him to the hospital. We spent the morning there instead of church. But everything came back ok. The Doctor told us that passing out like this is called Syncope. It can be caused by lots of different things and they didn't see anything abnormal in any of his tests. We are so glad everything is ok and he's well! We are truly blessed! When the kids came home from church (Ethan took them to church since he got his licence last week.) Ruth and Hayden gave me these mothers day fun facts about mom papers. I love it. Ruth said my favorite food was smokies, and my favorite store was costco. But I really love that both of them said the one thing I hear my mom day a lot is "I love you. " 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Awesome kid

This kid amazes me. He works hard at school, sports, and in any calling at church. Not only that but now that spring is here he will come home and on any random day decide the yard needs a little work so he'll edge, weed, mow, or till. He's even sprayed the weeds and the roses! I love how self starter he is and that he does it with out demanding money from me (although I paying for his phone and car insurance. ... ) he just does it. I just hope he knows how much I appreciate him and all the hard work he does around here. It's only a short time till he will be out on a mission and I'll be crying about the fact that no one else wants to do all the work he did! I hope his siblings appreciate him. They probably won't till he's serving his mission and I'm nagging them to do the yard work!

Big catch

Last summer we had a possum getting into our garden and eating my tomatoes so we set a live trap.  We never caught it! 3 weeks ago Ethan was spraying the weeds in the garden and reset the trap with no bait. He went back out to find momma possum with 9 babies clinging to her! It was very exciting for the kids. We took them out to the country and let them free.

New driver!

Ethan turned 16 last month, and got to take his drivers test today. I would have taken him sooner but I had no idea that getting an appointment would take so long! I'm proud of him for passing on his first try!

Friday, April 15, 2016

April birthday party with the Workman's

I have 4 nieces with April  birthdays! 2 of them share the 6th, one the 7th,and one the 12th. In fact I'm the only one of my siblings with out a kid born in April! We had a big party at Pietro's in Beaverton. The kids all had a blast! It was the first time all the grandkids had been together since Christmas. Larry didn't get to go because he had the flu.

Monday, April 4, 2016

General conference trip to Utah

Last January I challenged my kids to read the "Friend " magazine or The New Era magazine cover to cover every month and if they did we'd have a big prize! They ALL did it.  So we took all of them to Utah to attend the General Conference for our church. Ruth isn't old enough to go in so while we were in the meetings she spent time with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin with her daughter. She had a wonderful time!  Which made it so much easier for us to enjoy our meetings.  Friday we toured Temple Square, This is the Place, and the Church History Museum.  (I did part of temple square with just the little girls while Larry took the older ones to do baptisms in the Salt Lake Temple).  Saturday was filed with conference, we were lucky enough to get tickets to both general meetings and the boys attended the priesthood meeting.  Sunday too and time with my cousins and aunt and uncle. We even ran into the White's  (a family from our ward who live around the corner) our stake President and dear friends that live in the other ward here in town. Such a small world! Everywhere we went we met people who knew friends of friends, or had some kind of connection. We truly are one big family and I find sisters everywhere I go!  It was a wonderful weekend and the kids traveled great!
Then also while we were gone we had our hard wood floors refinished. They are beautiful! I'm so excited to have beautiful floors!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter egg hunt and coloring eggs

We had brunch and an Easter egg hunt today at grandma and grandpa's house. It was lots of fun. I love getting to see Myka play with her cousins. It was also the first time my kids have ever had "brunch" so that was fun! We had cinnamon rolls, fruit, and mom made this biscuits and gravy with eggs casserole it was sooooo yummy!

Last night we colored our Easter eggs. It had become less work for me which is nice. The kids did all the coloring while I made pizza. They even cleaned up!  

Ruth's glasses

Monday I got a letter from the school saying Ruth's eye test showed she was far sighted. I figured I'd try to get her in during spring break. I got her on Tuesday. The doctor said she was really far sighted. They ordered her glasses and said it would take 5 to 7 days. They came in 3! I'm so glad she'll have them when she goes back to school! I'm hoping this will help her focus on school more.  (No pun intended.) But her attention span is not long. ... I think she looks totally cute and is loving getting use to looking at things and how different it all looks!