Monday, June 18, 2018

Elder Davis!

Friday night the 15th we had a big party to celebrate Ethan's graduation. I had a big map up and everyone could guess where he would go! The very next day his mission call came! (Only we didn't know it until Sunday Morning because we went to the lake and then the older kids had a temple trip and Larry took my mail key so I couldn't check the mail when I was going to). Sunday (Fathers Day) was so exciting! He waited to go to Grandma's house that evening to open it when were were all planning on being there for Father's day dinner. He was called to   Philippines Baguio speaking Tagalog! He reports August 22nd! We will have a very busy summer getting him ready!!! Passport arrived TODAY! So now we just have shopping, shots, visa....... 65 days of CRAZY prep! Don't worry he isn't wasting any time! He is working all day today!
I thought I would feel so scared with a foreign call but I felt so much peace as soon as he ready it. I got a little teary as he said Philippians but not scary tears just a little excitement. I know he is so ready for a grand adventure and to go teach the people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to invite them to Come unto Him. I know the Lord will watch over him.

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