Thursday, July 6, 2017


While the boys were gone at E.F.Y we took the girls mini golfing and to ice cream for fhe. It was a lot of fun. Ruth hit 150! She had a blast! Amelia made a hole in one on hole 18! (Too bad she was shooting for hole 16.) The house was a little quieter with no boys. ...


I dropped the boys and Preston Nightingale  (a boy from our stake). They attended in Tacoma at University of Puget sound. They had so much fun. I'm so glad they got to go. Preston's family picked them all up on Saturday.

Camping and boating

First trip out for the summer! Friday night was a little rainy, but Saturday was awesome! The kids skied, wake boarded,  kneeboarded, and kyaked all over. The sun felt so good!
It felt so good to just go be a family and have fun. We've been so busy we really needed a break!


We love the missionaries! Elder Bowen and Elder Wang, both were transferred in June. We'll miss them!  Elder Kehl, and Elder Elias (the Spanish elders) took the pictures, and a selfie, so I had to include it.


Amelia recieved lots of awards at the end of 7th grade.  She got a teachers choice award, academic achievement, and a citizenship award. She's such a hard worker I'm so proud of her.

Another driver

Brock turned 15 and got his permit. Such a fun day!


Ethan was inducted into the thespian troop at the high school. He's pretty excited about it. He's worked hard at it!

Dance recital

This is the first recital we've participated in that I wasn't running in a long time! The girls did a great job. The whole show was Snow White. Amelia did ballet and tap,  Hayden choose tap.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Sunday stroll

The Valley of the Giants is an amazing place that isn't too far from where we live. It's really only about 45 miles but with the drive is about an hour and a half to get there. I'd wanted to go for a couple years when I'd heard about it. Larry ands I wanted to take the kids for a short day hike this weekend but we still has so much stuff to get done around the house we just couldn't. So Larry thought we could do a little nature walk Sunday after church. So we went for it. It worked out great that our bishop and his family wanted to come too since they had been there before. It's really hard to find! There are literally no signs. They like it to be a secret I guess, and your on logging roads for a long time. It was so beautiful! It's a smallish redwood forest. The trail is pretty easy. Ruth did it no problem. It was a beautiful day to enjoy our Heavenly Father's creations! I'm so grateful for this beautiful earth! Also for my amazing family!

New fence= life skills

We have needed a new fence on this side of our yard since we moved in 11 years ago.  We've patched it and made it work long enough. Our neighbor approached us to go in half on one. We priced it and it was still too much so we priced doing it ourself. .. so our very nice neighbor paid 80% and we did all the labor. Larry worked building fence before his mission  (a few years ago). So we got it done and the kids learned a lot about digging holes, making it straight, mixing cement. ... they even helped put the slats in! It looks so nice! 

Setting the pool up!

The kids were so excited yesterday when Larry set the pool up! The get in a son as the hose is in. I guess that way they are numb when it's full. .. they played in it for hours! They got in right after they ate lunch and stayed in until I made them get out for dinner. Bbbrrrrrrrr! So ready for summer!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Another mowing kid!

All our kids look forward to their tien to learn how to mow the grass. After the first year they cry and fight about it being their turn!  Makes me crazy but so glad to have one more join the ranks!

Friday, April 21, 2017


I made the girls Easter dresses this year. I let Amelia pick the fabric. I was pretty happy with how they turned out. It was so nice to have nice enough weather to have an egg hunt out side. Plus the ONLY benifit to late church was I could get them all to eat breakfast, get dressed and totally ready for church before they even got to find their Easter baskets  (making for cutter pictures ). Plus we even had time for our last Easter devotional. We had done the whole series that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints put on about the Prince of Peace. It was a lovely way to focus on him all week but especially the morning of before they got to just eat candy. Hayden did our resurrection garden this year. We made them at activity days with all the 8 to 11 year old girls from church. It turned out lovely. I love Easter, it fills my heart with peace,hope, joy, gratitude, forgiveness, repentance,  and so much more. I love our Savior and all he's done for me and my family every day. He LIVES. I know He lives!