Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brock's birthday party!

Brock got from us a pocket knife, (his big brother is jealous even though he got one when he was 8 too!) a new Zhu Zhu pet and a car for his pet. I like these pets no need to feed them or clean up after them! My parents got him a brand new set of scriptures, with a case, scripture pencils, bookmarks, and a CTR ring. Oh and a yellow shirt he can wear to match Grandma. (long story but so sweet!) Larry's parents got him his Cub scout stuff. He got his scout shirt, with all the badges he needed, and she will get his book when they get more at the store. Grandma Lucy got him a game which will be lots of fun. His friends got him some really fun stuff to! It was quite a fun day. I have a few more gifts that are for baptism day, like his white towel, and a tie that will match his daddy's (I found really nice yellow ones!) What a fun birthday he had!
Trick candles! Always fun and good for a good laugh! We hadn't done them for a long time so Brock was not expecting them!

We played some fun games with balloons!

Brock's Zhu Zhu cake! He loves these little guys and wanted a Zhu Zhu cake. Not my best cakes ever but they turned out cute, and were easy. And more importantly yummy!

Brock's Eight!

Brock Turns eight today! I can hardly believe that my sweet little baby boy is 8 and ready to get baptized in 2 weeks! I will post more pictures of the birthday party, cake and stuff later but I wanted to post a few baby pics just for fun, and one of him as he is now. I just love this boy, he is so sweet, creative, kind to others, thoughtful, and funny. I just love how he is kind to everyone and loves to create things. He will bring crafts home from school, scouts, or where ever and always turn them into something else. If there is a great box, or something he loves in the recycling pile he will pull it out and make it in to something new. I love to watch him create but then on the other hand I get sick of the creations and often end up tossing them. He use to cut paper into shapes and make dinosaurs. I wish I had taken some pictures of his paper dinosaurs. They really were quite cute. He hasn't done that for a few years though. Now he loves making things for his Zhu Zhu pet, Dotty, or others. When his little sisters are doing something he doesn't like he will tell them if they don't stop he won't make them a "princess craft!" It is funny he will just yell "NO PRINCESS CRAFT!" What a threat! I love this sweet boy! I hope he is always as kind to people as he is now!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's Day (late)

I was treated with a very nice mother's day I just didn't get around to posting it till now. Larry made dinner, and cleaned it up. Plus the night before he made me 2 berry pies! Yum!!! He always does a great job at making mother's day nice for me. I have to admit that one of the high lights for me was when the primary children went up to sing to the mom's during church. This was Hayden's first time ever being big enough to join the kids in singing and it was a riot! She marched up there with her siblings and they get all lined up and it gets quiet just for a second before the music starts and Hayden in her loud "Hayden voice" says "Mom I am singing this song for you!" Then she says it again just as the kids start singing. Then again while they are walking back to their seats. I could help but laugh a little! She is such a cute stinker!
This is the card Brock made me at church on Mother's day. I love little kids phonics writing! It makes me smile!

This is the inside of the card Brock made me during church on Mother's day.

This is the card Amelia made for me during Sacrament meeting on Mother's day. I love it because Like is one of her site words so she knows how to write that and not love, so I got I like you mom! So sweet!

Just so that Ethan isn't left out on this post I will only say he did his very best to make sure Mother's day was exactly the way my mom's mother's day always were when we were kids. She knows what that means, so do I and to keep from embarrassing him more I will leave it at that. Ruth did her best to just be the sweet angel baby that she always is!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Play Ball!

We are in the middle of baseball season in our home. This means we are very busy! Ethan is having another great season! He has the same coach he had last year which is great!!! He works hard but isn't so intense that it is overwhelming. They have won all but 2 games. Today was such a beautiful day and they had a GREAT game! They got so far ahead (15-0) that they stopped keeping score and then just called it a game because they got so far ahead. It was a lot of fun for our boys but probably pretty sad for the other team. We had a few in field home runs too! It was pretty exciting!


SCORE! Way to go Ethan!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am so proud of Ethan! He got student of the month for Striving for Exellence!
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Ruth's 6 month pictures.

A few weeks ago my friend Julia took these amazing pictures for me!!! Do to computer problems they are just now hitting the blog. Ruth wasn't very smiley that morning since she was feeling tired, but she was a good sport and I love the way they came out! There are lots more that are great!!! Thanks Julia!!!

I love Julia's style! She does a fantastic job! I just love every picture I got and will have a really hard time picking which ones to put on my wall but this one is just sweet I think!

One of me and my "little girls". It is funny I call them my little girls because when I have Hayden and Amelia they are my "big girls" which is funny because if I accidentaly call Hayden baby she will correct me that she is a little big girl!

Weekend with the Workman's

This weekend we went to Prineville to visit family and see my niece Tyrah Harbour Workman get blessed. She is so cute and looks just like her big sister! It was so much fun to spend time with family. The grown ups stayed up Saturday night playing games and laughing after a hard day's work with cows and quilts! I love my family and we enjoy our time with them each time we go! We are so blessed!
Brigham was showing off doing cookies on the 4 wheeler in Grandma's drive way. It was pretty cute! It is so fun watching these kids grow up!

Ethan LOVES riding this smaller 4 wheeler they have! So does Brock but I didn't get any pictures of him on it. They all had so much fun!

Daddy giving rides on the 4 wheeler after they were done working cows.

Johnnie quilting. Mom, Angela, and I finished tying 2 quilts for a humanitarian project on Saturday. Everyone else was out working cows.

Feeding Grandma's chickens!

These are my beautiful cousins Sherri and Corina with my newest niece Tyrah.