Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brock's Eight!

Brock Turns eight today! I can hardly believe that my sweet little baby boy is 8 and ready to get baptized in 2 weeks! I will post more pictures of the birthday party, cake and stuff later but I wanted to post a few baby pics just for fun, and one of him as he is now. I just love this boy, he is so sweet, creative, kind to others, thoughtful, and funny. I just love how he is kind to everyone and loves to create things. He will bring crafts home from school, scouts, or where ever and always turn them into something else. If there is a great box, or something he loves in the recycling pile he will pull it out and make it in to something new. I love to watch him create but then on the other hand I get sick of the creations and often end up tossing them. He use to cut paper into shapes and make dinosaurs. I wish I had taken some pictures of his paper dinosaurs. They really were quite cute. He hasn't done that for a few years though. Now he loves making things for his Zhu Zhu pet, Dotty, or others. When his little sisters are doing something he doesn't like he will tell them if they don't stop he won't make them a "princess craft!" It is funny he will just yell "NO PRINCESS CRAFT!" What a threat! I love this sweet boy! I hope he is always as kind to people as he is now!

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Julia Shinkle said...

It doesn't seem possible does it, Amanda...time is not my friend. They are growing up too fast and I'm just getting older too!

Happy Birthday Brock!