Monday, May 3, 2010

Ruth's 6 month pictures.

A few weeks ago my friend Julia took these amazing pictures for me!!! Do to computer problems they are just now hitting the blog. Ruth wasn't very smiley that morning since she was feeling tired, but she was a good sport and I love the way they came out! There are lots more that are great!!! Thanks Julia!!!

I love Julia's style! She does a fantastic job! I just love every picture I got and will have a really hard time picking which ones to put on my wall but this one is just sweet I think!

One of me and my "little girls". It is funny I call them my little girls because when I have Hayden and Amelia they are my "big girls" which is funny because if I accidentaly call Hayden baby she will correct me that she is a little big girl!


Kim said...

So sweet she did a great job and I love that last shot so sweet, what pretty girls.

Kelli said...

Sweet!!! I wish Julia could take pictures of my kids.