Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Addventures

Well, I finally bit the bullet. I have been admiring some friends etsy shoppes and kept wondering if I should give it a try. I had made a bunch of things last summer and tried to sell them at a craft bazaar in November. Notice I said Tried! I sold about 5 things. Bummer! I considered trying ebay but the more I looked at Etsy the more I thought that was where my stuff belonged. (It is just for selling all handmade things.) So I finally totally wasted an entire afternoon getting my stuff listed. Now I am just hoping it isn't a total waste! If things sell well I might list more stuff but we will see how it goes for now. I guess we will see how things go! So now you can click on my cute icon on the side and go check it out!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Late Birthday Post


Earlier this month Larry turned 34. I made him his special dinner of T-bone steaks, and I made him his favorite German Chocolate cake. Notice that we put 3 candles and a number 4 so it shows 3-4! The kids think it was so funny.

The next weekend I took Larry out for dinner at Thia Beer, and we also went to a movie. We saw Blind Side. It was such a good movie! I highly recomend it! Happy Birthday sweetie.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Prayer of a child

This week we had one of our rabbits escape the safety of our back yard. I won't mention the fact that it was due to the fact that our boys took off 2 boards to our fence and dug a hole under the fence, or the fact that it just so happened to be on the side that there are Rottweiler dogs that WOULD eat the rabbit if caught! Oh and the gate was left open! I have to say that only our girl rabbit wanders when given the chance. Our boy rabbit will stay put. (He is fixed she is not...) Anyway It was time to put them in their cage for the night and it was discovered that one was missing, and very possibly in a danger. Our boys went next door and asked if they could look in their back yard... But now rabbit to be found. We knew if we left the gate open if she wasn't dead it was very possible she would come back for water (the eat grass and other stuff all the time). We sent our boys to bed teary eyed and told them to pray for their bunny. First thing in the morning Ethan looked out and there she was sitting in the back yard. This is not the first time we have had this happen. Ethan was so happy, he hugged me that morning and told me that their prayers had been answered. I meant to share this second story clear back in December but neglected to. In December I offered to pick up some fake trees from a sister in our ward's house and take them to the church for the ward party. I was using our Diesel truck... I knew it was LOW on fuel but figured I could get across town and back. When I say across town I mean she lives at the opposite side of town as I do. Yes it is a smallish town but when you get in your truck and it says 2 miles till empty on the read out it is NOT a good sign for a diesel. Never the less I went on. We picked up the trees, dropped them off at the church (the opposite end of town again to the farthest point!) and then I realize the ONLY place to get diesel in town is again at the other end of town and I had driven past it 2 times already.... It was just after 5 pm at this point and traffic is as bad as it gets at this point in our town because all the commuters are on their way through town to their homes, I waited through 3 or 4 cycles at one stop light with all 5 of my kids in the car Ruth SCREAMING because she is starving!!!! (for those of you that don't know if you run a Diesel out of fuel it is VERY VERY bad!!! Not like running a car out of gas!) So while we are sitting at the light for the 3rd or 4th time I asked Ethan to pray that we could make it to the gas station (since now the read out has been telling me we have 0 miles till empty and has been saying so for the last 5-10 minutes!) He prays and we make it to the station on what I am sure is fumes. We got fueled up and home for dinner. Both my boys after that experience told me that they knew Heavenly Father had answered their prayers. I knew he did too!. He knew that I needed his help and so did my 5 kids so that their mommy didn't loose it on the side of the road and do their daddy didn't have to get mad about me ruining the truck. I love seeing my children's testimonies growing, and have them tell come to me to tell me so. So if you are in need of some blessings just let my kids know and they will put you in their prayers. It is sweet we set a goal at the beginning of the year to always include someone who doesn't live in our house in our prayers (this was to help my children and myself from just saying the same things we always think of, and to help think of others.) Since then we have a few people who Ethan never forgets in his prayers. So watch out Emily! Blessings are coming your way! (Among a few others but I won't list you in case it would embarrass you!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I love you to peices!

Ruth is such a sweet baby! She feel asleep on the floor playing on the floor today so I just had to snap a few pictures of her sweetness!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lost tooth

The day after Amelia's 6th birthday she came to me and said my tooth hurts. I felt it and found that she had a very loose tooth. It was her first one so I think she waited a long time before she even noticed it. The one right next to it is very loose too! I am sure Larry could have pulled both of them today but Amelia is pretty nervous about the whole thing. She really didn't want him to pull it for fear it would hurt! He got the loosest one out with out much crying, in fact it was out and she was saying, don't pull it don't pull it!!! Funny girl. So tonight she is waiting for the tooth fairy. I kind of wish she would have let Larry pull the other one out because I think it would be cute! It is funny how big they look all of a sudden when they are missing teeth. She is officially a big kid now with her toothless grin! She has been so excited about it she tells everyone she sees. When I say everyone I mean EVERYONE! Perfect strangers in the store, at church.... It is cute. Maybe in the next day or two she will get brave enough to get the next one pulled out.

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More 6th Birthday!

So here is the "Fancy Nancy" birthday cake. We just did the Barbie cake and then put pretty heart candy's and tons of sprinkles on her dress. Plus we had "fancy" candles! Amelia loves it! It isn't much different then last years cake, but it was what she wanted. Also our kids get a bath in our jetted tub on their birthday. They love this tradition and look forward to it. I love that they can hide in bubbles!


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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My little girl turns 6!

The day (or should I say the middle of the night!) when Amelia was born. Sad to say but what I remember most about after she was born was just being sooo soooo tired! I had been in labor ALL day. I went to the Doctor at 10 am with contractions, and running a fever. He sent me to the hospital to have her and she wasn't born until 1:30 am. That was with a not great night sleep before that. So I was just exhausted, I remember hardly being able to hold my eyes open once they started wheeling us down to our room. So glad to have our little girl! We are truly blessed parents!

I know I already put this one on but this is Amelia at 6 weeks. Sweet baby girl!

Amelia at 6 months old. She was such a happy sweet baby!

Here she is at 9 months I think... it could have been one. I am terrible, I would have to look it up!

Here she is at 3! This photo shoot was so much fun! I had Hayden's 3 months done at the same time and it was just a special day!

Here is my little girl all big and ready to be 6! I can hardly believe how the time has flown by! She is such a sweet girl, a great big sister, and a good helper to her mommy. She is so good at playing and entertaining herself which often is a help in it's self!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Amelia wanted a "Fancy Nancy" party. We asked everyone to come dressed up and we had lots of fancy things planned!
We played the "fancy" version of duck duck goose, called "tisket a tasket." We use to play this when I was younger for FHE. It is cute with 6 year old girls it is hilarious with teenage boys and my parents!!!

We had a dressed up relay race. The girls had to put on the dress up shoes, jewelry, and crown then carry an egg around the stool and then take off the stuff and tag the next girl. It was a hit! (yes I hard boiled the egg!)

Amelia wanted them to dance too so we turned on our trusty Taylor Swift music and away they went. Let me just say that for 6 year olds they had some Fancy moves!

The girls got to make their cup cakes fancy with as many sprinkles as they wanted. I had frosted them ahead of time and then put out ever sprinkle we own and let me just say we have LOTS! (Although now my stash is significantly smaller!) But they sure had a good time making them "Fancy"! My floor is pretty fancy now too.

Pinewood Derby

Ethan's Pinewood derby was last Friday. It was a lot of fun. He got second place on almost every race! His was a "Workman" truck because he idolizes his grandpa and uncles so much! So his award was most "workmanship!" Way to go Ethan!!!


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