Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lost tooth

The day after Amelia's 6th birthday she came to me and said my tooth hurts. I felt it and found that she had a very loose tooth. It was her first one so I think she waited a long time before she even noticed it. The one right next to it is very loose too! I am sure Larry could have pulled both of them today but Amelia is pretty nervous about the whole thing. She really didn't want him to pull it for fear it would hurt! He got the loosest one out with out much crying, in fact it was out and she was saying, don't pull it don't pull it!!! Funny girl. So tonight she is waiting for the tooth fairy. I kind of wish she would have let Larry pull the other one out because I think it would be cute! It is funny how big they look all of a sudden when they are missing teeth. She is officially a big kid now with her toothless grin! She has been so excited about it she tells everyone she sees. When I say everyone I mean EVERYONE! Perfect strangers in the store, at church.... It is cute. Maybe in the next day or two she will get brave enough to get the next one pulled out.

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Kelli said...

Congratulations what a big girl!