Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back To School

 I'm only a week and a half behind.... but our 1st week of school was not a real week. They had half days and Hayden only had one... So here it is. Amelia on her first day of school. All ready to go!
 Brock was pretty excited to be a 5th grader!

 Brock in his class. We were one of the first ones there that morning so the rooms were pretty empty!
 Amelia got to sit with 3 of her friends. I told her she better be pretty good or that wouldn't last very long... week and a half in and they are still together so it must be going well.
 Hayden's one and only day last week. She was pretty excited but I think a little nervous. But when I picked her up and she told me she didn't have a test she seemed very excited about kindergarten after that. I told her her teacher wouldn't give her a test and that if she did it would be easy and just to see how much she knew. When we went in for assessments later that week she proved that to be true! She flew through everything and her teacher was impressed!
 Brock got to do crossing guard the first 2 weeks of school. He is very excited about this. Only 5th graders get to do this so it is a big deal!
 1st day at MES. Very exciting. Even better she gets to sit with one of her best friends (also a little girl I babysit part time) Hadley. Makes going so much more fun and less scary when you already have a friend there!

 The first day of this week she got to ride the kindergarten bus. Hadley gets to ride to on Mondays when she is here and Fridays if she is here too! They loved it and had lots of fun telling us about the slippery seats when they got home!
 Ruth really wanted to ride too. When Hayden and Hadley climbed on Ruth stood there and said me ride, me ride. I told her in 3 more years she could ride. I almost got a little teary thinking that in 3 short years my baby will be doing this and then what.... oh yeah lunch with my friends with out finding a sitter or having the loudest kin in the restaurant! :) (Which is what I did the next day to celebrate back to school!)
Oh and I didn't get pictures of Ethan because he is a 7th grader and I think he is too cool for that. I might get him to do it tomorrow just so I can have a picture at the start of the year.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wild Life Safari

 These Monkeys were SOOOO loud! They sounded like ambulance sirens. It was pretty cool listening to them.

 I loved this guy. He walked right up next to us. If I had leaned out the window I could have touched him. He made my day!
 I took this one for Brother Beatley. He would appreciate this guy!
 Ruth loved Roaring at the animals. This is her showing me what Bears say!
 The bears were pretty entertaining the first time we drove through. This one was playing "tether ball" and one went swimming. They all started moving around when our bears were doing their best bear sounds at them.
 Ruth couldn't wait to see the zebras. We had driven there the night before and camped just outside the park in our camper and I took Ruth for a little walk around the campground while Larry was fixing breakfast and Ruth kept saying "zeeeba where are you...." It was so cute.
 I'm Telling you these giants are one of my favorites! They are just amazing how the move!

 The hippos were out both times we went by. Once eating and once just standing there. (Fat pigs!)
These horns were so impressive I had to share!
A few things that have happened since my last post that have not had pictures taken are, We had a Theme day of Dr. Seuss when we had fun Green eggs for breakfast, and one fish 2 fish for dinner, and 10 apple up on top salad. At lunch we had a Dr Seuss party with some of our friends and we had Shloppy Joes they were our shlop sholp beautiful shlop they even had a "cherry" tomato on top. There was also some Blue jello with "fish" in them, some apples, Cat in the Hat sandwiches, and Sneech cookies, Oh and some cheese puff balls that just looked like some cool Dr. Seuss puffs. The kids had a great time, we all shared our favorite book, played bingo, made puppets and did a word search. I didn't take any pictures because I am cool like that. We also had a theme day last week (2 days ago) that was cupcake day. We had omelet cupcakes and pancake cupcakes for breakfast, and then Taco cupcakes for dinner. No party this week. I was partied out (or I was done throwing parties for my kids who didn't really want to do all that much to help.... you know end of summer I was done but still wanted to be a little fun.) I also took the kids to OMSI for our field trip the week before. It was fun we watched "born to be wild". It was about people who help orphaned elephants and monkeys. Ruth really liked it (when she wasn't being scared of the GIANT movie screen!) Again I didn't take pictures because I am cool like that! I would have had a lot more pictures of the Wild life Safari but my battery died, Not sure why it's not like I have used it in the last 2 weeks!!!! Anyway it was a fun last few weeks of summer break and now they get to go back to school in 1 more day!!!! I will take pictures of that. After all my baby Hayden goes to Kindergarten this year! At least I will still have my Ruth at home for a few more years!!! They are all ready now, shoes have been bought, back packs packed, and daddy even gave them their going back to school priesthood fathers blessings! Ruth even got one even though she isn't going to school but you don't want to leave her out. She jumped up and said "my turn!" She is so cute I got her a little Dora Backpack and she hardly ever takes it off. She sleeps with it on! She takes it off to bathe and that is about it. It is pretty cute! I just love this girl she is going to keep me busy the next few years. (Like I would be board anyway!)