Saturday, January 5, 2013


 Ethan dug this cool Fort when we went sledding on the way home from Grandma's house

 Larry sledding with Ruth. She loved this and would say weeee the whole way down.
 Brock and Amelia at the bottom of the hill.
 Cute pink snow angle who loved the snow.

 These two had fun going together. I think Amelia would do this all day if we would let her!

 Ruth LOVED it I don't know if you can tell from her face but she always came off smiling and loveing it
 Brock and Amelia were up and down the hill more then anyone!

 Ethan after a face plant!
 Back up and daddy pulling the little girls!


Prineville Christmas

 We had so much fun the day after Christmas with our Workman cousins. This is Brock opening his Brock pillow case Grandma made him! He loves it. My kids love anything personalized! So much more fun!
 Grandma made Amelia some clothes for her American Girl doll and Hayden got clothes for her barbies that Grandma made
 Grandma made this doll for Ruth and she LOVES it!!! They all also got their traditional "grammy jammies" They love them and look forward to getting them. Ruth really loves her Minnie Mouse night gown. She loves to be in a dress and this is like a dress. She will dance around the house in it.

 The kids had so much fun playing in the snow. They spent HOURS out in it!
 Johnnie took time to paint little girls nails they loved this!

 The boys built a fort!

 The Fort window!

 Warming up after all the time in the snow! LOVE spending time with cousins. It was a tight fit with all of us in the house but we wouldn't have it any other way. Cozy and full of LOVE!

Christmas Morning

Santa sure found our house! What a pile! But there were 13 people at our house for Christmas morning! Which made it so much fun! After our traditional Christmas breakfast we got to work opening presents. First they all opened what was in their stockings and then we saw what Santa brought. 

 He really came through Amelia got the American Girl Doll she wanted. She even got an extra outfit to go with her.
 Ethan and Brock got Nook Color's from Santa. (Just as a note, Children who are not pictured as much as others or children who are on here more then others has NOTHING to do with the amount of love I have fore them it has EVERYTHING to do with the amount of time the kid will pose, allow me to take their picture, or will hold still long enough to get a picture taken. Kids who don't have pictures are the ones who run from the camera, run constantly or are to busy to get their picture taken....aka BROCK)
 Santa really came through for Hayden. She not only got the Cinderella stuff she asked for but she also got a whole set of ALL of Cinderella's dresses. Including her night gown, work dress, pink dress, and ball gown. Plus she came with the wedding dress! WOW (dresses not pictured)
 Ruth got a Pink Kitchen! Thanks Santa! She didn't know what she wanted but Santa know she would love anything she got! She spent the whole day putting things in her oven and opening and closing the doors. There is a pink fridge to but not in the picture. SHE LOVES it and EVERYTHING she opened Ruth would yell " I LOVE IT!" It was SO funny and SO cute! I wish I had taken video but most times I am lucky to get a picture I am to busy watching. It was a magical day though!
 Ethan had earned quiet a wad of cash and very carefully bought gifts for his brother and sisters. You can see Hayden here hugging Ethan thank you! And Ruth coloring on the thing he got her. Which of course she "LOVES!"

 This was our labor of love this year. Amelia asked her daddy to make her AG dolls a bunk bed for Christmas. Larry did an amazing job and I made the bedding. Which was tons of fun for me. I even made super cute pillows to go with it.
 Daddy went all out and made this armour for all her dolls clothes. She even got hangers to hang them all on. She was thrilled!
 Hayden got totally stocked with arts and crafts stuff. (She is always asking to use my supplies and she is very crafty! So she will be in heaven for a Very long time!!!)
 This is the aftermath mostly cleaned up (well the paper and boxes anyway. What a day!
 Finally one picture I could get of Brock finally sitting and checking out his Nook! I need  a nap just reliving this!
Even with out all this "stuff" we had a wonderful year. I count my many blessings many times the last few months and know how truly blessed I am. We had some pretty major trials this year and watched and suffer with others as they go through theirs and my heart is over flowing with the love of our Savior, the true meaning of this season. I couldn't help but feel an out pouring of his love after all that has happened this year and know that he loves us, and will support us and care for us though everything. We truly are blessed with the Gospel and the knowledge of our Savior and all he has done for us. Families are Forever and I am so so eternally grateful for that knowledge and for all who have made it possible for me to have those blessings in my life!


 Every year we make a Gingerbread house. For years Larry has helped the kids do it and I just stand back and take pictures. The last year or 2 I have gotten other things for them to decorate on their own (since they are old enough to do it them self) Then Larry does the house. This year I got a 4 pack of these giant gingerbread boys, and the gingerbread house kit came with a tree. So Larry did the house, Ethan the tree, and everyone else did a gingerbread boy. Ruth had SO much fun doing this all by herself. Literally by her self. I only helped her squeeze when it got to hard. She was so proud!
 Brock and Amelia I think had a competition to see who could put the most candy on. They both used A LOT but I think Amelia's weighed more mostly because she used heavier candy!
 Hayden's looking cute!
 Ethan's tree

Amelia's very heavy Gingerbread "girl"