Saturday, January 5, 2013

Visit with Santa

 Our favorite place to go visit Santa is the Carousel in Salem. He is nice to the kids and its always set nice, plus we get to ride the carousel. Amelia told Santa she really wanted the American Girl of the year McKenna.
 Hayden made her list pretty clear with Santa. It was cute. She asked him for a Cinderella barbie with the Prince, and the Pumpkin Carriage.

 Brock told Santa he wanted an E reader. Santa told Brock he had one and that he loved it. He also asked Brock to leave Chocolate milk because that is his favorite.
 Ruth didn't ask for anything again because as excited as she was to see Santa from far away she would not sit with him or talk to him. She would wave from the carousel. That was as close as she would get to being friendly. But she sure talks like she loves Santa!

 Ethan also told Santa he would like an E reader.
 One of the best parts of this outing is of course the carousel. Ethan loves getting the golden ring and earning free rides!

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