Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sleepy Girl!!!

Just before lunch Hayden was getting crabby and wanted a "Go-gurt" I figured she could have one while I finished up and got lunch ready. So I finished my email and thought I heard her snoring... I turned around and this is what I saw! It had only been 5 minutes! She ate half the Go-gurt and fell asleep standing up at the table! POOR BABY!!! It was so funny I had to take a quick picture though. I took her to bed as soon as I was done taking this picture. At least she had a good nap!

Friday, June 20, 2008


This is a tag from Kari!
1) 5 places I go over and over: The computer, up and down the stairs, the kitchen, church, grocery store
2) 5 people who email me regularly: My mom, Kelli, Tina, Amy, Close to My Heart
3) 5 Favorite places to eat: Applebee's, Chilli's, Yang's, Outback, My mom's
4) 5 places I'd rather be: Hawaii, Disneyland, on the lake, at my mom's, napping!
5) 5 TV shows I watch all the time: (during the summer not much! but regularly) The Office, My name is Earl, ER, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars
I tag Katie, Allison, Rachel, Angela, Kim

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beautiful Kids!

This is just a couple of the amazing photos my friend Melanie took of my kids last month! I totally love all of her work and she is sooooo talented!!! I thought I would put together a little slide show of the pictures she took of my kids just for fun! I wish I could put all of them on my wall I loved them so much! She took lots more that I just loved but I don't have them all! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Craft Ideas?

Aren't these little rabbits totally cute! Well at least I think so. The came on this really old dresser my mom brought me that was in my Grandpa's house when he died. So I just got it today and I pulled them off the dresser because I plan on painting it purple and lavender, I think I will paint the handles white. All to match Amelia's pretty room (it is Purple, lavender, green and white. Which matches the quilt I made her when she turned two. Anyway I took these off because I wanted to be able to paint and they really didn't go with what I was going to do with it... So I thought they were cute enough to keep and maybe do something with. Only I am not the greatest with ideas on things like this. I am a paper person. I want to be good with wood crafts, but I am just not there yet. So I need some ideas! Please give me lots of ideas!!! I want them to maybe hang some where, or something I am not sure but I know they would be great, for something! Any ideas? I know Rachel will have tons she is like mega crafty!!!! So help the craft challenged out by giving me an idea please! Thanks!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father and Son Camp out!

This weekend was the Father and son camp out for our Stake. The boys were so excited. They look forward to this every year. To be honest so do I. For a few reasons, I know they love the time with their dad, number 2 I love the time with my girls, and I love to have a scrap night and invite lots of people over to scrap and not feel even a tiny bit bad about staying up really late to scrap! (After all I am not bothering anyone!) Amelia always gets to sleep with me on this night and Hayden will join us when she is done sleeping in a crib. But back to the boys. I packed them some tin foil dinners so all Larry had to do was cook them while they set up camp. The boys love these!!! Larry took one of the boys from a family that he home teaches and he thought they were great to.
They got to sleep in these really cool covered wagons! Brock was really excited about that!
In the morning after breakfast they got to row around in these canoes. Ethan I guess got pretty good at it and Larry let him row all the way across on his own.
While there they also found lots of "wild life" They caught snakes, lizards, and salamanders! (GROSS!) But they were in heaven. Boy heaven. They came home really dirty and really happy! What more could you ask!
I took advantage of them being gone. Not only did we do our girls night of scraping and sleep over in mommy's bed but I had a garage sale while they were gone on Saturday and got rid of a bunch of old stuff they never play with anymore but I know they would have cried telling me how much they loved each of their things! Anyway it was the end of my major spring de-junking spree and it worked out nice. Other then the sunburn for me it was a great weekend. I wanted to sleep like 24 hours when all was done and said but I was happy to have it all gone and the boys had fun too! Our Father's day was nice and peaceful too. We went to church, came home and fixed a very yummy dinner. I cooked steaks on the grill, made baked beans, salad, baked potatoes, and brownies for dessert. It was so good. We had hear that the Bishop was going to be all alone so we invited him over for dinner too. Larry's grandma came and shared our day too. I think the kids wore her out! They are always so excited to see her! All in all it was a crazy busy but fulfilling weekend!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

OH Jam!

This is a few pictures of what I have done the last 2 days!
What do you get when you take a freezer full of berries (from last year)
then add
About 125 Lbs of Sugar (yes you heard me right 125 LBS. of SUGAR!)
Add a case of pectin
You get (=)

This is not showing ALL the jam we ended up with. My table got so full I started moving them out before I was done! But this is several years worth of jam for our family! Not only did we get all this VERY YUMMY jam but I also got, 6 blisters from it boiling onto my skin, two sore feet, one stain on my carpet, 2 stained sinks (I can bleach those), a sticky floor, table, (ok the whole kitchen was sticky,) And one very tired mommy!!! But I will have yummy jam for a long time and that makes me happy and it is so worth it!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Yesterday Larry and I finally decided we couldn't wait any longer to groom Dotty. She was getting so shaggy and dirty she had to get a "trim." If you look down at our blog from when we got our bunnies you can see he in the back ground pre-cut. Only she was even shaggier because it has been almost a month since then! We like to take her to a professional groomer when we can but we thought we would save the money this time and do it ourselves. We have done this before but it takes us a lot longer then a groomer, we don't have "dog sheers" (we use my old ones that I use to use on the boys, I have new ones for them!), and then she can be mad at someone other then us if we pay to get it done... but in the name of being frugal this time we thought we would do it again. Plus she was getting fleas again and we wanted them gone NOW! So we got started and this is the shortest we have ever cut her before. Normally we use a guard on the clippers to leave a little length but it was so matted, and the fleas were thick enough we thought just get rid of it all and made it pretty short!!! I was nervous about this length at first because I thought OH she is going to look like a rat! But the farther we got the more I thought she looked kind of cute and it grows so fast, maybe this way we won't have to clip her till Fall and do a trim then. Plus she acts so much more free and frisky to be rid of the matted mess! It is cute, she looks and acts more like a playful puppy again (minus the naughty annoying parts of a puppy!) Anyway we think she looks cute and it was worth saving the $25 to have her groomed! It only took us 2 or 3 hours (including bath, cut, nails, bath, and clean up!) A newer friend stopped by latter that night and she said "I didn't know you had a dog." I said yeah she just got clipped today. Then she said oh yeah now I remember her she was much shaggier! She looks like a whole new dog! Good job Larry!
Latter that night I lined the boys (including Larry) and clipped their hair too! Summer cut time! They were getting a little shaggy around the ears to so off it came. Brock's was getting long enough we couldn't spike it anymore and Ethan's was getting "spicky" (or it stuck up everywhere even if I sprayed tons of stuff in it!!!) It is funny to me how different their hair is! But now they are all sporting a new do! This morning before church Larry said, "will you style my hair" I smiled and said all done! (There isn't enough to even run a comb through well there is but it won't change how it lays!) No I don't always comb his hair for him! But when it gets shaggy he needs help in the back! Anyway 4 hair cuts later and a clean garage we had a busy weekend! Now we should be just about ready for our garage sale next weekend!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Ok not the best photos but my battery was dying and this was the best I could do! I did get some video that is at the end of them coming in like butterflies. They learned all about butterflies this year and actually watched some grow from tiny caterpillars to butterflies and then they released them! So it was really cute to see them "fly". Brock loved his teacher Ms. Melody and did a wonderful job in Kindergarten. He has come soooo far from the beginning of the year I am so proud of him! I wish I could have filmed their songs they were so cute, but like I said dying batteries! Dang batteries!

Right after Brock's "graduation" we had our Mommy and Me preschool graduation. It was a lot of fun. We had a pot luck lunch and then a little "ceremony" I made them all little grad hats and David Bacio made them really cute certificates! It was fun. Most of the kids will be going to kindergarten next year. Amelia has one more year till Kindergarten though.
I loved seeing the kids flying! They were so cute. I actually got a little teary... Not sure why this is just kindergarten graduation!!! I guess maybe because my little guy is moving on to all day school and seems to have grown so much this year!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Are you smarter then a 2nd grade Chinese Sudent?

Ok Larry found this on line and it is driving both of us crazy! We can't figure out the answer. I think it isn't possible but he says there is a way... we just don't know what it is! So click on this link and go do this little quiz and if you get the answer and leave the right answer on my comments I will give you a prize! I don't know what it will be yet but it will be good!!!! (2nd grade Chinese students need not apply!!!) Give it a try!