Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Craft Ideas?

Aren't these little rabbits totally cute! Well at least I think so. The came on this really old dresser my mom brought me that was in my Grandpa's house when he died. So I just got it today and I pulled them off the dresser because I plan on painting it purple and lavender, I think I will paint the handles white. All to match Amelia's pretty room (it is Purple, lavender, green and white. Which matches the quilt I made her when she turned two. Anyway I took these off because I wanted to be able to paint and they really didn't go with what I was going to do with it... So I thought they were cute enough to keep and maybe do something with. Only I am not the greatest with ideas on things like this. I am a paper person. I want to be good with wood crafts, but I am just not there yet. So I need some ideas! Please give me lots of ideas!!! I want them to maybe hang some where, or something I am not sure but I know they would be great, for something! Any ideas? I know Rachel will have tons she is like mega crafty!!!! So help the craft challenged out by giving me an idea please! Thanks!


Rachel said...

These would be totally cute glued on to a toy bin or bin's. Or if they are small enough my friend Bridget suggested maybe try glueing them on an old wood hanger. Hope these help. post a picture when you figure out what your doing. I'll keep thinking though..


Alli said...

I would decoupage them onto hat boxes and use it for storage