Sunday, June 1, 2008

Are you smarter then a 2nd grade Chinese Sudent?

Ok Larry found this on line and it is driving both of us crazy! We can't figure out the answer. I think it isn't possible but he says there is a way... we just don't know what it is! So click on this link and go do this little quiz and if you get the answer and leave the right answer on my comments I will give you a prize! I don't know what it will be yet but it will be good!!!! (2nd grade Chinese students need not apply!!!) Give it a try!


Shaun & Denise said...

Okay, I am not smarter than a chinese 2nd grader, unless I can us a cheat. However, after I left your house tonight. I was able to win two more times with out the cheat. (I also lost a bunch too.) Pretty easy now that I know I have to move them all along togther to win. Post another one. That was fun. I'll get Shaun to try it and see if he can win by himself.

Rachel said...

My darn husband figured it out in about 5 minutes. You have to seperate all the frogs.
1 green
2 brown
all green
all brown
all green




The Gatherum's said...

Dad watched mom win so he cheated to.But im smarter then a chinese second grade student and my parents!!

Amanda said...

ok! I wouldn't have posted this if I had thought to google the answer! But like 5 minutes after Denise was here we told her about it and she said google it and it popped right up! So now I know the answer too! But I sure felt dumb. I knew what should happen I just couldn't seem to get them to do it.... Anyway I might post another one again later! I hope more of you try to figure it out on your own too! And Congrats Anna! (for doing it your self, and being a 7th grader!) Denise was the first with the answer so she wins the prize! I think I will make them some cookies, or banana bread their choice. (maybe I will lace some with some pain killers just for Shawn's headaches!)