Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Ok not the best photos but my battery was dying and this was the best I could do! I did get some video that is at the end of them coming in like butterflies. They learned all about butterflies this year and actually watched some grow from tiny caterpillars to butterflies and then they released them! So it was really cute to see them "fly". Brock loved his teacher Ms. Melody and did a wonderful job in Kindergarten. He has come soooo far from the beginning of the year I am so proud of him! I wish I could have filmed their songs they were so cute, but like I said dying batteries! Dang batteries!

Right after Brock's "graduation" we had our Mommy and Me preschool graduation. It was a lot of fun. We had a pot luck lunch and then a little "ceremony" I made them all little grad hats and David Bacio made them really cute certificates! It was fun. Most of the kids will be going to kindergarten next year. Amelia has one more year till Kindergarten though.
I loved seeing the kids flying! They were so cute. I actually got a little teary... Not sure why this is just kindergarten graduation!!! I guess maybe because my little guy is moving on to all day school and seems to have grown so much this year!


Rachel said...

Oh so cute! Glad you got some pictures even though you were dying battery wise.
I understand about getting a little teary eyed. I was that way when Brinley started kindergarten last year. I was losing my little shadow, she was always at home and then she was gone. She is totally excited to be in 1st grade though because now she will get to eat lunch at school like her brothers. Kids are funny.

Well I better get back to working on my friends blog. She needed a bloggy makeover so I'm helping her out. Oh and I know you asked once before & I forgot to tell you but I live in La Grande now.

:)Rachel B.

A big happy family said...

I can't believe the school year is over already! I think I went to high school with David Bacio. Crazy to see his pic on your blog. Ask him if he remembers Deena Robbins. (If you see him:)

The Davis' said...

Yay for Brock & Amelia! (Ethan too, of course.) Smart kiddos!

Mo said...

Before you know it they will be doing the crazy senior stuff. Enjoy every moment while you can. Love them kids!

The Hawaiian Gards said...

Too cute he is getting so big!