Monday, February 13, 2017

Grandma Lucy

Saturday Larry, Glenn, and I helped move grandma Lucy into Orchard Heights Assisted Living Home.  I have spent many hours preparing for this day.... Glenn had been out of town for over 2 months traveling cross county. The day after Christmas Lucy fell getting into bed. I didn't find her til the next afternoon (she was on the floor for over 13 hours! ) This was not the first time this has happened! She spent a night and day in the hospital and the doctors and social workers all told us she can no longer live on her own. (Which we knew and had tried to get her to move in with us back in August Which is a long story in itself.) Having daily check in's wasn't enough anymore. They also diagnosed her with dimentia  (which we already knew!) With that her daughter Patty moved in to stay with her until we could make permanent arrangements. I started the search. I called more places then I can remember (I stopped counting). I toured many. .. I prayed and cried... when we found Orchard Heights Assisted Living Home Larry and I both knew it was the place. There are so many wonderful things about this place. (I'd move in if I could.)  We took Lucy to see it, have lunch there... many more tears... but Larry and I felt so much peace through the whole thing. Glenn got back mid January, and he agreed the place was a good fit. We moved her in February 11th. We wanted one more birthday in her house. It was a special day. Moving day was a little hard but it went better then I imagined. We went to visit her for Family Home Evening tonight and heart attack her door. It was a nice little visit. The kids got to see the place and thought it was nice. I still worry about her being sad when I go to bed at night, and pray she isn't too scared but I know this is a blessing for her and everyone. We will see her often and shower her with love.

District swim meet

Ethan did a great job at district this weekend! He made it to finals in all 3 of his events. In finals he P.R.ed in all his events. I'm so proud of all his hard work!

Amelia turns 13!

For Amelia's 13th birthday I picked her up from school and took her for an overnight get away at the beach. We stayed at a hotel I used to go to with my parents when I was a kid. We ate out, watched movies, painted nails, and she beat me badly at monopoly. The next day we went shopping then she did a glass blowing class. It was so much fun! Then we came home and her friends surprised her at the movie theater, then surprised her again at one of their houses for ice cream and presents. I think it was a pretty fun way to turn 13! I love this beautiful girl. I'm so lucky to be her mom.

Grandma Lucy turns 96

On January 30th Grandma Lucy turned 96! We planned a surprise birthday party for her at her home. We all just showed up at 4 with food and gifts. It was our last family gathering in her home. She was preparing to move into an assisted living home. It was a nice evening surrounded by family.