Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Girls only afternoon

Today it was just me and the girls in the pool. We had a good time! Then we dried off on the swings. Ruth asked for a "spider ride". After I gave her one Amelia and Hayden had to have one. It was pretty funny.

Prankster Jr.

My kids love hearing about the pranks I pull at girls camp.  They also love April fools day because I usually prank them in some small way. I bought this pack of fake ketchup for this April fools day, but we were in Utah and I didn't end up using it. The kids found it and Ruth so badly wanted to use it on daddy. Yesterday she put it on his pillow. He went to bed so late and I was already in bed so there was no light on her didn't see it and tossed it off his pillow. So today she tried again. I may or may not have given him a heads up so he could "play along" so she'd get the reaction she wanted. So today when he got home from work he went in our room to get something and saw it. He said loudly "who's been in our room! " Ruth came running and giggling,  "it's just a prank! " She was so proud, and it was so cute. I'm training them young.

Brock's bordom buster

Brock saw this on pintrest and wanted to try it. He didn't have everything they had so he had to change it some. Plus there were some things he thought would just work better so it's his own design inspired by one on pintrest. He's pretty excited to start some other new things that he saw, only change them up too. Oh the joys of summer freedom!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

First lake trip of 2016

We've been dying to get out on the lake but have had commitments every weekend this month, so today was our first day out! It was kind of a bummer Ethan couldn't go because he was scheduled to work. We also had 3 cousins for the weekend which means we didn't have enough room in the boat for everyone. So since we were down one "life gaurd" (or some one grown up enough to watch any extra kids on shore) we needed to enlist some help. Thankfully one of my former young women was able to come with us. We took Raechyl White with us to help out with kids. She also got lots of boat time to make it worth her day. Plus I try to feed people well when they are doing me a favor. We got to spend an entire day boating, eating, and swimming. Only a few minor sun burns and very tired kids. Totally worth it!  Amelia is really looking good on the wake board. She is way better then me! (Although I'm not that good)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Teddy Bear day

This week's Thursday theme day was teddy bear day. This time all 3 of the older kids were gone for youth conference. It's called "the path of the Savior" I hope to post about that later.  But with just the 2 girls and a friend I aimed for one they would like and the older kids wouldn't be to disappointed that they missed. So we went with teddy bears. We had teddy bear pancakes, teddy bear picnic, with honey sandwiches, and ants on a log. We sewed a teddy bear, went on a bear hunt, made bear cookies, and listened to Elvis sing about being "your teddy bear". I even did Ruth's hair to look like bear ears.  I think we all had a really fun day. Today my girls were still telling me they loved it. So I guess it was a hit. Oh they also read a bunch of Barenstien Bear books.

Fancy Nancy day

Thursday theme day is back for the summer. This week Brock and Amelia were gone camping and fishing with grandpa Davis so we went with a theme just for these 2 girls. We dressed fancy, talked fancy (Ruth now uses the work alfresco in a sentence properly.) We read fancy Nancy books, we ate fancy pancakes and ate in fancy dishes for dinner.

Families are forever

June 11th Sunny and Ashley were sealed in the temple. This was a big day and we are all so happy for them.

Brock's 8th grade graduation

June 10th Brock graduated the 8th grade.  Which is code for your done with middle school and now you get to go to high school (big deal but good job).  I am very proud of this kid! He struggled with school for years but something totally switched for him this year and he started to excel in almost all his classes! He's grown so much physically, emotionally, and educationaly. He has such a big heart. I love this boy. I know he's excited for high school but I'd like a little slow down....

Spring dance recital

Our spring dance recital was June 9th. Our theme was friendship. All our songs were about friendship. It was such a fun show and I was so proud of all our dancers! I love seeing their progress each session!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

President's choice award!

Today at school Amelia earned the president's award for educational excellence,  academic excellence award and teachers choice award!  That means she exceeded in all her classes all year! She works so hard and I'm so proud of her!