Saturday, June 25, 2016

First lake trip of 2016

We've been dying to get out on the lake but have had commitments every weekend this month, so today was our first day out! It was kind of a bummer Ethan couldn't go because he was scheduled to work. We also had 3 cousins for the weekend which means we didn't have enough room in the boat for everyone. So since we were down one "life gaurd" (or some one grown up enough to watch any extra kids on shore) we needed to enlist some help. Thankfully one of my former young women was able to come with us. We took Raechyl White with us to help out with kids. She also got lots of boat time to make it worth her day. Plus I try to feed people well when they are doing me a favor. We got to spend an entire day boating, eating, and swimming. Only a few minor sun burns and very tired kids. Totally worth it!  Amelia is really looking good on the wake board. She is way better then me! (Although I'm not that good)

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