Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dance Recital

Amelia had her first recital tonight and she did such a good job! I was so proud of her. She didn't seem nervous at all. Just excited! I asked her to do a ballet pose and this is what she came up with! I love you little ballerina!

Girls lined up ready to go on. They look so cute all lined up like that!

Her ballet piece!

Amelia with some of her friends before they went on for tap. They look so cute! Amelia was in heaven!

Her tap routine was "Rappin Tappers" She did a great job and looked so cute!

This was the Grand Finale. They did Jingle bells and everyone but the preschoolers were on stage and they were so cute!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Choir Singing and Gingerbread

I posted this and realized I had NOT included RUTH So I am reposting with her addition. Ruth is now pulling up on EVERYTHING. I saw her yesterday stand up in the middle of the floor she just pushed up! She doesn't walk yet with out holding on to something but I have not ever had a kid stand up in the middle of the floor before they started walking either! She is so fun! She loves to play peek a boo! I got the camera out to take a picture of her messy face after having sloppy joes and she went right into peek a boo for me! LOVE IT! She is such a sweet girl!

This is my new nativity. I bought it at the Gentle House Bazaar! I just love these little rustic people!

This year since I bought sleigh kits for the kids Larry and I did the house... let me rephrase that, Larry did the house and I did the tree. It was my first time EVER getting to actually do any of it... usually I just take pictures. The kids had a lot of fun doing their own this year and not having to wait to take their turn at the house!
While Hayden was working on hers she said, now take a picture of me smiling while I do this mom! How can you resist!

Amelia and her work of art!

This is what happens when Mom is not home to supervise the gingerbread making... I left to go to choir practice and this is what I came home to! Some times dads are just more fun!

These are the treats I made for preschool this week. I had so much fun with them. I came up with the idea myself so I was pretty proud of them. The kids loved them too!

The MES choir sang at the State Capital last Wed. They sounded so good! Ethan has had so much fun being in the choir!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The boys did Wrestling again this year and LOVED it. There were more kids this year then last time we did it but they had a great time! Last night was the last night and their tournament. They each wrestle 3 times. Both Ethan and Brock won all of their matches. Ethan pinned 2 (possibly all three I looked away for a second). Brock won all and I know he had one pin for sure. It was funny because he wouldn't let go of the guy because the timer hadn't gone off. I was so proud of how hard they worked!



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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Tree

We have more of a memory tree for Christmas. It doesn't have a color theme, just lots of things that have memories behind them. Some from Larry and I's childhoods, some from our marriage, and children. We love our tree and telling all the stories behind them. I thought I would post a few pictures of some. There are many more these are just the ones that showed up nice.
This bell was one of my Grandma Workman's. I still remember them on her tree. It is my most favorite thing I have that was hers. Lots of things make me think of her, canning, making bread, and mostly at Christmas. I love and miss her but know that she is happy and I will be with her again... all because of Christmas!

This is one from the year Larry and I got engaged.

I love this time of year...



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O Christmas tree

So Saturday we took the kids to the Carousel, visit with Santa while we were there and then we went to cut down our Christmas tree. When we got home Larry put up all the lights on our house! That night we got the tree in its stand and the lights on then we were able to decorate it Sunday. (Our tradition is to do it that way... that way the kids aren't waiting begging to start. It works for us!) Then of course after they have their way with the tree we put them to bed and fix it... They all had a fun weekend and so did we. I love the holidays! Next week it is Christmas shopping and gingerbread houses!

Hayden told Santa she wants a purple princes flashlight. WOW! I love these girls and how easy they are... nothing to hard, to expensive... lets hope that holds for a little while!

Amelia told Santa she wanted a Rapunzel Barbie! She always "thinks big" I love how easily pleased this girl is! It is hard to not want to give her everything she wants.

Brock also asked Santa for a WII. I guess the boys figure if they both ask they could get one...hmmm not sure if they are trying to trick Santa or have finally figured out how to get what they have wanted for a couple of years

Ruth with Santa! I can't believe she didn't cry. Not to say she loved it but she didn't freak! She wouldn't tell me what she asked for... I guess we will see Christmas morning!

Ethan visiting with Santa... I hear he asked for a WII this year... We'll have to see about that!

The boys with "their" tree!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Look what I can do!

Larry pulled this out of the attic today and Ruth was so excited! If one of the kids moves her away from it she will start to breath hard and panic. She is LOVING walking! Don't worry I push her down intermittently so that she doesn't like it so much that she just starts walking. I don't want her to get too confident!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent Calendar!

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Ok I have wanted an advent calendar for YEARS! I have seen some really cute quilted ones that other people have made and coveted them! Wishing I was talented enough... but alas I am not! So I would watch the holiday bazaars and never found one I loved or could afford... The past few days I was racking my brain with some of my newer skills thinking surly I can figure out how to put one together, it may not be quilted but it can be a cute wall hanging... Anyway I have a good friend I asked to make me the give thanks tree above. Partly because I didn't think I could do it justice and partly I was running out of time due to the holiday bazaar. Anyway inspiration hit me yesterday morning (November 30th) To do one just like that. Make it a Christmas tree and make the ornaments the pockets! I called Jessica to see if she had any of the canvas left or where I needed to go to buy some... She had the perfect size piece, and a bag of scraps I could use for the ornaments! Then I called my friend Kymberly on advice on making the pockets stronger she had the backing I needed! Soooo TA DA! I did it. Don't look close you WILL see my mistakes but I am thrilled none the less! I even am brain storming how I could do some for next years bazaar! WOOO WHOOO! Thanks to my sweet friends I made this for the cost of $0! Of course filling the pockets with treats for each day is another story! Maybe next year I will think ahead and fill it with a scripture a day (although I might still do that) as well as little other things (not just a candy for each day!) I was in a hurry though today is the 1st! I am so excited I got it done just in time (finished this afternoon)! Anyway thought I would share my excitement!

Monday, November 29, 2010

More Journaling

Ok I am TOTALLY Lame! But we went to Prineville for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time visiting with family and stuffing our faces with lots of yummy food! But I didn't take any pictures. I did how ever take some video of my boys shooting big guns while at grandma's house... But alas I do not know how to down load the video from my video camera to my blog... So just trust my my little boys shot shot guns over the weekend and LOVED it! The elders quarum put on the activity and they also had a great time frying stuff. They had fried chicken, onions, mushrooms, shrimp... then it was time for dessert. There were fried twinkies, Snickers, Resses peanut butter cups, M&M's, Cola flavored noodels, Gummy Worms, and much much more. I tasted the Snickers, and the gummy worms. Lets just say I won't ever need to eat them again but fun none the less. It was wonderful to have lots of time with family and we all had a great time. While the boys were shooting the girls went to the movies with Grandma. They got to go see Tangled. They all loved it! I look forward to seeing in on Netflix! Grandma also did lots of crafts with the kids. Which my kids LOVE! Anyway it was a great weekend and now we are in the full swing of the holidays!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Bazaar/ Journaling

So I don't have any pictures and I will mention this in the next entry or two down but I thought I would do a little journal for myself. This year I have been buying out the past owners of the Gentle House Holiday Bazaar. So I spent my summer getting vendors signed up and getting all the publicity together.... all that entails running an even. Plus doing as many crafts of my own as I could come up with. I had a lot of fun with the whole thing. Then last week November 9-13th we set up and ran the show. Things went smoothly (other then when I ran out of checks while writing checks to vendors on closing night and had to run home for more). I had a lot of fun but am still happy to be a stay at home mom. It was a fun little outlet to earn a little extra money for our family and be creative, and not have to work outside the home full time. I think my kids enjoyed it too, even if it was a little crazy for a few days. I am even looking forward to doing it next year and for many more to come!




THis was the last day of Soccer games. It is always bitter sweet. We love it when it starts but are always happy when we are done. Ethan played Goalie his last 2 games and did a great job. Brock really worked hard this year as well and I saw big improvements in both of them! Way to go!!!
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School Play

Last Tuesday the boys had a school play/music program. Ethan got one of the lead speaking parts and was "White beard" Brock got to sing with all the kids and if I do say they both looked sooo sooo sooo cute as pirates. Thanks to some other mom's of course!

Hayden's Birthday

Hayden has been asking for this Dora microphone for several weeks. She Loves it and carries it all over in her new Talking Backpack which she also loves!!! I love this girl and am so blessed to have her in our home. She had a great birthday and spent the day with daddy. He took the day off of work (because I was at the Bazaar working) and he took her to lunch at Red Robin then he made her her Birthday dinner she requested Cheese stuffed Shells. He did a great job and she had a very happy birthday!

This one is her ACTUAL Birthday cake. All the party stuff happened the Saturday before the real date which was Wed the 10th. She rarely actually eats cake when we have cake and ice cream she always just eats ice cream. So I talked her into just an ice cream cake for her actual birthday (mostly because I knew she would love and and because it takes NO work on my part and her birthday was opening night at the bazaar selfish I know but she LOVED it!)

Can you tell she loves Dora?

The Dora Birthday cake. Yeah I know it is totally lame compared to some I have made but She loved it and that is all that matters. It just so happens that the week before and the week of her birthday are Bazaar week so it was crazy busy! Hence the LATENESS of me blogging it all!

Ethan was so sweet to play Swiper the Fox for Hayden's Dora Adventure. He did a good job of making the cute sound affect and trying to swipe things. But if they called out Swiper NO Swipping! He always stopped and said "OH MAN!" Brock was the Grumpy Old Troll and made all the kids make silly faces to get passed him.

Here is a picture of them on their Dora Adventure! It was so much fun! I had drawn "Map" and gave them 3 places to go. (Just like the show) At each place there were things to do, Color, puzzles, then finally their goodie bags. Which they got to color.