Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O Christmas tree

So Saturday we took the kids to the Carousel, visit with Santa while we were there and then we went to cut down our Christmas tree. When we got home Larry put up all the lights on our house! That night we got the tree in its stand and the lights on then we were able to decorate it Sunday. (Our tradition is to do it that way... that way the kids aren't waiting begging to start. It works for us!) Then of course after they have their way with the tree we put them to bed and fix it... They all had a fun weekend and so did we. I love the holidays! Next week it is Christmas shopping and gingerbread houses!

Hayden told Santa she wants a purple princes flashlight. WOW! I love these girls and how easy they are... nothing to hard, to expensive... lets hope that holds for a little while!

Amelia told Santa she wanted a Rapunzel Barbie! She always "thinks big" I love how easily pleased this girl is! It is hard to not want to give her everything she wants.

Brock also asked Santa for a WII. I guess the boys figure if they both ask they could get one...hmmm not sure if they are trying to trick Santa or have finally figured out how to get what they have wanted for a couple of years

Ruth with Santa! I can't believe she didn't cry. Not to say she loved it but she didn't freak! She wouldn't tell me what she asked for... I guess we will see Christmas morning!

Ethan visiting with Santa... I hear he asked for a WII this year... We'll have to see about that!

The boys with "their" tree!

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